1O Events : Gabriela Perez

  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    The Day I Was Brought To Earth .
  • Period: to


    My 1O Events
  • Isabel Perez

    Isabel Perez
    The Day My Little Sister Isabel Was Born ,
  • 1st Pet

    1st Pet
    My First Pet Was A Little Puppy His Name Was Chocolatee .
  • Kindergarten

    My Very 1st Day Of School .
  • My Little Brother

    My Little Brother
    The Day My First Little Brother Richard Was Born , The Little Love Of My Life .
  • Marriage

    married to Lil Wayne <3
  • Christmas

    The most boringest christmas in ma whole 16 yearsss . Because i didnt get to spend it with My Family .
  • <3

    Valentines , the day i met my sweetheart : and my favorite hoilday .
  • TheMessUp

    The Day i messed up at school my sophmore year got expelled. So now im a sophmmore all over again.
  • New Years

    New Years
    The New Years I WIll Never Forget : Because I Dont Remember None Of It .