my life

  • i was born

    i was born my dad carried me and he took me home with my mom
  • my sister was born

    my sister was born at a hospital in North Carolina
  • my first toy car

    i got a little battery car it was awsome
  • i got a awsome toy

    it was a gameboy but now iot is old it was a old gameboy
  • my sisters 3rd birthday

    we were all outside singing happy birthday to my sister and about to eat some yummy cake
  • 1st grade

    1st day of school in first grade i didn't know anybody but then i got used to it
  • i went to the beach

    i was at the beach and we were swimming then we played golf it was soooooo much fun

    We were excited i was at my house with my big brother until my mom came home

    It snowed alot in north carolina my big brother made a big snowman!
  • my fifth grade graduation

    everyone was in the gym looking for there children. they were giviing certificets out.

    It was my moms birthday we were all excited for her birthday
  • i move to harlingen

    my first day here i was with my cousin jelly we were at my new house with all the movers there i
  • first day of school

    It was very awsome the first day of school. i didn't know that much people now i know alot.and i have friends
  • my bike

    I got my bike it was pink and it was easy to ride it!
  • My phone

    I got my phone I was soo excited it is green!
  • My baby bros birthdsy

    we had a big party it was so much fun all of my family came and my cousins.we still have candy from that party
  • the dance

    the dance was so exciting everyone was dancing while our DJ (Mr.Padilla) was playing awsome music
  • my sixth grade graduation

    everyone was inn the building as our principal called the names out for people that have done well i got some awards!
  • my first car

    I want a nice car when I get to college
  • bored all day

    i plan to do nothng
  • my sweet 15

    its going to be a big party and evefryone is going to have fun

    i will have fun all day
  • last day of school

    It going to the last day of school everyone is going to be excited but until they are all bored in the summer
  • my 12th grade graduation

    my graduation i wish i could be there i will go to college and get a job!!!!!!!