5 Past & 5 Future

By marco28
  • First Year of Engish

    In Pre-K I took a Spanish class and now I'm taking a bilingual class. I didn't know any English, so it was hard.
  • Dysney World

    My uncle took us to Dysney World it as the most exciting thing I have ever done.
  • Second Grade Rocks

    This grade was awsome because we were doing a reading competition and our class won we got a fuul day out side playing games for the end of the year party. The other classes only got half day.
  • My Favorite Birthay

    This day was my favorite birthday. My dad got me a new Nintendo DS Lite. It was so fun with all my family.
  • My X-Box

    In Christmas I got a X-Box 360. It was awsome, and I played all day long
  • Acomplishments I want

    Next year i want to get the golden medal for gettin comended on three TAKS tests.
  • No more Middle School

    I will finaly get uot of middle scool and go to Hoigh School.
  • Licence

    THis year I want to get a drivers licence so I could be ready for next year. I want to be able to drive to school.
  • High School

    I will go to High School and begin a new time in my life.
  • My Car

    I get a car as a present from my dad for getting good grades.