The Best Years Of my Life!

  • Buddy (Antonio)

    The year my little brother was born!
  • Sclitterbahn

    My first time at schlitterbahn i loved it!!!
  • Six Flags!

    I went to six flags i loved it so much i can't wait to go back!
  • Me,Myself,and the CLASS!?

    My birthday was on the first day of school it was VERY emmbarissing
  • COOL!

    THE FORTH OF JULY it was Awesome and pretty
  • Nintendo Ds

    The first time i got my Ds
  • Cousins

    My Cousins from Houston came over and they brought their girlfriends and we met them they were alright but had NO taste!
  • Bad Day

    My granndma died in corpus i missed a whole week of school just to go see her in corpus!I missed my graduation.
  • Hurricane Dolly

    Hurricane dolly came it was VERY BAD everything was damaged at my grandmas house.And my moms was damaged too!(i stayed at my grandmas house)
  • My first phone!!!

    When i got my FIRST phone it was great cause i was texting all month!
  • First Day of school!

    It was my first day of school at IDEA San benito I made alot of friends that day!
  • My TAKS test

    My Taks it was VERY HARD but i worked my hardest and i.........PASSED!!!!
  • My 6th grade graduation!

    My graduation was GREAT I got alot of awards and my family was very proud of me!
  • My sisters birthday!

    My sister will be turning 11!
  • I buy myself!

    i am going to buy myself an iPod!
  • New phone!

    I get a new phone maybe!
  • Best Freiend

    My best friend jacob 's birthday!
  • Bored kid

    On this day i plan to do nothing!
  • Dog

    I m going to ask my mom if she can buy me a german shepard!
  • Bike

    buying a bike with my on money!if i have it!
  • Return!

    I am oing to return to Six Flags!
  • Moms Birthday!!!

    My moms birthday !yah!

    Im going to have a sweet sixteen it will be BETTER than the girls on MTV!(maybe)
  • My Little sister !

    My little sister will be in 9th grade and it will be her first year of high school!
  • My 12th graduation!

    My graduation i bet it will be a blast!
  • Houston here i come!

    Im going to vist my cousin in Houston!
  • Work Time!

    I'm going to start a job but i dont know where yet!
  • PayCheck!

    My first paycheck!O.M.G
  • I get a Car!

    Here I come road!i want a jeep or nisson any kind BUT COOL!
  • New York!

    I am going to drive myself to New York to see my Uncle Arnold!