My Past, My Present, and My Future

  • I got A Battery Jeep

    I got a pink barbie battery car! i luved it!
  • Kindergarten Graduation

    I graduated from Kindergarten in the year 2004 and gladly passed to 1st. I graduated at Wilson Elementary in Primera, Texas. My Teacher in kindergarten was Mrs. Martinez.
  • Went to NC for christmas

    it was awesome bcause astrith used to live in NC
  • My first Myspace

    I got my first myspace which was created by Stephanie!! my aunt
  • Went To Schlitterbaun

    Schlitterbaun for the end of the year trip!1 it was pretty cool!
  • Hurricane Dolly

    I still remember the way it messed upp my house!!!
  • Astrith moves to Harlingen

    Astrith moved from north carolina to harlingen texas!! i love mah cusin!
  • Halloween

    The first halloween tht i didnt wear costume!! hahaha LoLz
  • Big Party At IDEA SB

    big party for halloween at my school
  • My First DS

    I got my first DS as a Red Mario Ds that was limited edition! it was an awesome Ds! its kinda messed upp!! butt i still luv it! hahaha l0Lz
  • My first phone!

    i got a red att phone.. it was pretty cool so i luved it!
  • Bad Ending For spring Break!

    My fav. teacher Mrs. Wilson passed away after fighting breast cancer for 2 years. I feel bad because her name brings good memories of 7 good years i spent with her!! She was like my 2nd mom! i luved her!
  • Went to Texas State Aquarium

    I went there for the first time and next time we go we will go to USS Lexington fro the first time, too. The Aquarum and the boat Museum are in Corpus Christi.
  • The TAKS!!!!

    This remembers me of when i took the TAKS test! :)
  • I will be in 7th at IDEA




  • 11th grade in HighSchool

    I ill be in my last year ready to go to college!! I will be turning 17!