5 Years Backwards and 5 Years Fowards

  • Bros!!! Or Just One!

    Griffon Matthew Priestley is born! Start of a nightmare! =)
  • Soccer Championships

    I went with my advanced traveling soccer team to the state championships. My team placed 3rd.
  • National Spelling Bee

    I went to a national spelling bee in Washington D.C. and won 2nd place.
  • Bones, Bones

    My first time at a hospital for my own care, other than when I was born. I had slammed my right hand into the van door. I broke three fingers, fractured one, and bruised the bone on my pinky. I hurt for a long time too!! =P My first broken, fractured, and bruised bone as well.
  • The Move

    I moved from Waterbury, Connecticut to Harlingen, Texas three days before my b-day.
  • Middle School Scare

    I moved down to Texas five days ago, had my first b-day in the south two days ago, and now I entered sixth grade! First time in middle school!
  • Halloween

    My Aunt Nicky spent this Halloween with me! I hadn't seen her for three, four years since then. She took me and my friends trick-or-treating all over Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Brownsville, and San Benito. It was fun, it was the first time that I managed to fill up three huge pillow covering. She then took us to see the movie Batman Begins, and my Nina had her 6th birthday. She had just recovered from breast cancer was able to spend it with her family and friends.
  • My New School!

    My first day in 8th grade and the first day that I start my education at Idea College Prepatory School in San Benito! I didn't want to go to this school when I was so close to finishing a school level in one school for once. I really wanted to spend more time there. In elementary I moved to three different schools. And in middle school I went to two different middle school. So hopefully I'll finish high school in one school. It just might happen. My mother likes this school, so it is likely.
  • Cousin Born

    My cousin, William, on my mother's side is born.
  • Sweet 16

    I turn 16! OMG!!! =P Hopefully I'll be on a cruise to the Caribbean, if not I'll be happy just to spend time with friends and family with lots and lots of books!!!
  • Prom!!!

    I hope to spend time with my friends and boyfriend, if I have one, at the Prom and have a fun time at this special dance.
  • European Trip

    I'll be vacationing and visition France, England, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy during the summer if I can raise enough money by then. If not, I want to at least get my driver's license approved and have a car or start working on my motorcycle license.
  • High School Grad

    High school graduation, with a diploma and a letter saying that I am already accepted into a 4-year college. Preferably Penn State or Yale.
  • College

    Should be moved into dorm, starting college courses, and already on my way to working on my career choice.
  • Middle School Twice!

    My brother, Gavin, starts middle school as a 6th grader! Griffon will follow next year in 2015!