My Life!

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  • Abuelo! (Grandpa)

    A very sad day! My Abuelo (Grandpa) died! The day i lost my last grandpa! Just eight short years to spend with him! Not enough time! God called on him to early from my opinion!
  • Christmas Miracle!

    This day was so much fun! First time i saw snow that wasn't on a movie or tv show! South Texas doesn't get snow so it was pretty special!
  • Beto's wedding

    I went to Mexico to go see my Godbrother get married! the reception was so fun! I had fun with my family in Mexico! I was happy for him! Even if i didn't know his bride i felt joy for him & hope they will be married for a long time to come!
  • Graduation!!!!!

    Graduation from fifth grade! Exciting day for me!!! Opening a new chapter & closing an old! Leaving being a child & start to grow little by little!!!!
  • Elementry Graduation!!!!

  • First day of Midlle school

    It was a big day for me!! It was exciting to feel that i'm more mature & i kinda liked how they gave me more freedom! I just fell in love with Gutierrez Middle school when i first steped into the building! I felt happy to see alot of my old friends that i knew from elementry & to meet new kids from other schools!!
  • Last day at G.M.S!!!!

    It was a sad day for me!!! I wouldn't see alot of my friends that i made at an amazing school!! From my point of view it felt like the best school in the world!! It almost broke my heart leaving my friends behind and not know if i would see them or talk to them again or not!!!
  • Tito was born!!!!

    My loving dog Tito was born!! I felt so happy!!! For a long time i've wanted a dog!! And when my grandma's dog had puppy's they told me that i can have one!!! So it was a happy day for me!!
  • Junior's Wedding!!!!

    My so Awesome cousin was married to a really nice girl named Rose!! I love Junior with all my heart just like the rest of my family!!! I was so happy for him when he found someone who made him happy!!! And i'm happy to see that they make each other so happy that she would still marry him even when he was already in the Marines!!!
  • Zeke's Graduation!!!

    My Fav. cousin Zeke is graduating from High school!!! I'm happy that he made it this far!! unfortuanatlly shortly after he graduates he will leave for the army!! I love him with all my heart and hope to god he stays alive and safe in the army!!! Well at least he finally made it through high school!!!!
  • Bianca's Quincenera

    M cousin Bianca is turning fifteen!!! I'm so happy for her it's a BIG day for everybody mostly her!!!!
  • Devina's Grad.

    My cousin Devina is graduating!!! So happy for her!!! Now she has made through high school!!!
  • My Quince!!!!

    My BIG Day!!!! I'm turning fifteen!!!!
  • Serg's Grad!!!!!

    My cousin Sergio is graduating!!!! Really glad he made it this far!!!
  • New Car!!!

    I'm gonna get my car!!!! I also get my driver's liscence this year!!!!
  • My Grad.

    I finally made it through high school!!! Next i'll be headed for college!!!! Then my dream job!!!
  • Le Cordon Bleu HERE I COME!!!!

    I'll be attending Le Cordon Bleu of North America for my masters in culunary arts!!!! My DREAM school!!!!