My Life && 5yrs in the future!!

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  • My 8th Birthday!

    I woke up early because you know i knew it was my birthday so i wanted to see my birthday present! Well i found out that my parents through me a SUPRISE PARTY!! i was so happy && hehe my dad got a dress made for me awh memories (tear,tear)
  • Cheerleading Tournament

    I believe it was a Saturday when I was in 3rd grade && alot of my friends && myself were at a cheerleading tournament for Ed Downs Elementary. Well there was all the San Benito school District there! Well we won 2nd place =)
  • Summer Trip

    Well we went on a vacation trip to San Antonio && it was so much fun! We did so many things there.

    Hehe this day was so happy awh i love him well now he's 2
  • My Baby Cousin Natalie Died =(

    My baby cousin Natalie died. We were popping fireworks then we got a phone call && they told us she drowned well they told us the whole story. This day had a reall bigg impact in my life i miss her so much && always will ='(
  • My Cousin Ricky Died =(

    Well there's really nothing to say about this day just that it was really sad since you know he's my cousin well it was really hard for me .... i don't really wanna talk about it (tear,tear)
  • I met Linda Luna =)

    Ohk well what to say about this day haha well it was the first day I attended Idea San Benito!! I walked in class && a silly lil gurlie Linda Esterella Luna hehe!! We became "besties" but things happened so yeahh it was very IMPORTANT day!!!!!

    Awh my baby niece the most cutest baby gurl you'll ever see was born hehe i love her to
  • 8th grade

    I'll be in 8th grade workin my butt off to get to high school lolz
  • 9th grade

    I'll actually be in 9th grade hopefully haha! i'll be a high school student.
  • 10th grade

    I'll be looking into colleges for when i graduate=)
  • 11th grade

    Oh yeahh i'll be so close to graduating && hopefully have good grades to get in a good college.
  • Life as an adult

    I'll be a young adult preparing for college && hopefully be in Rice University like I planned. Yes i'll be starting college right after I graduate because i'm planning to stay in college for about 8years to becomme a pediatrican!!!!