101 things in 1001 days

  • I started my list

  • Wrote 10 things I love about myself (#5)

    1. I have quite pretty eyes
    2. My hair has cute little ringlet things.
    3. I can sing pretty well.
    4. Curvy ftw.
    5. I really believe I could make it as a comic book artist.
    6. I can draw obscenely cute chibis.
    7. I can pick up languages well without really having to work at it.
    8. My hands and wrists are just about perfect. :3
    9. I'm quite good at making friends. At the very least, I'm not shy/awkward around people I don't know.
    10. I have handheld comparable to that of a tripod. :D
  • Finished my Livejournal Mood Themes (#57)

    These are viewable at my Livejournal page in general, but also in this entry in particular.
  • Alphabetized my manga collection

  • Wore a skirt out with John (#6)

    I don't remember what day of the month this happened, so I just put it halfway through the month.
  • Wore a skirt to Ivan's funeral (#6)

    I wore my nice black dress, because I know he liked it.
  • Drew from life every day for a month (#60)

    Some of them are viewable at my DeviantART, in my Life Drawing gallery folder. Anything labeled "DFL" is specifically for this goal.
  • Kissed my boyfriend at midnight on New Year's (#74)

  • Sang karaoke with Ellie (#71)

    My younger sister and I sang several songs together at the Ice Shanty Project, down on Medecine Lake, which is about 45 minutes from where we live.
  • Participated in Hourly Comic Day (#70)

    You can see my whole day at this entry on my Livejournal.
  • Documented A Day in My Life (#68)

    Viewable here. Also, a second day is viewable here.
  • Made homemade pizza outside the Shoppe, where I work (#96)

    Made homemade pizza outside the Shoppe, where I work (#96)
    My boyfriend and I made valentine's day pizza. It had spicy italian sausage, garlic, and onion, atop mozerella cheese that we grated outselves.
  • Picture 1/7 (Goal #66)

    Picture 1/7 (Goal #66)
  • Take picture 2/7 (Goal #66)

    Take picture 2/7 (Goal #66)
    The WoW chatacter that I had started that day. The account that she's on is now closed. :(
  • Picture 3/7 (Goal #66)

    Picture 3/7 (Goal #66)
    I went and visited my friend at school.
  • Picture 4/7

    Picture 4/7
    This is the night we went to see Watchmen. My boyfriend and I were hanging out in the comic shop beforehand.
  • Picture 5/7

    Picture 5/7
    Taken at my Friday tabletop game. We need a lot of pop to caffienate the lot of us.
  • Picture 6/7 (Goal #66)

    Picture 6/7 (Goal #66)
    Blurry picture is blurry. We were waiting for our ride to game.
  • Took a photo a day for seven days (#66)

    Took a photo a day for seven days (#66)
    This last one is at work. I ran camera for some kids making a fake talk show for their school.
  • Saw RENT live (#21)

  • Wore a skirt to Anime Detour

    I dressed up as a catgirl for Detour this year.
  • Went dancing with John, Gwen, and Anna (#72)

    We went to the Anime Detour "rave" together and danced for a couple of hours. It was lots of fun, but I wish we had had a hotel room there, because I was simply wearing clothing that was too warm for dancing in.
  • Updated Loser Corner twice a week for six months (#67)

  • Wore a skirt to Geek Prom (#6)

    I wore my black dress again. It was nice to wear it to something I was looking forward to, for once.
  • I beat John at a First-Person Shooter (#16)

    Today I beat John at Time Splitters 2. We were playing on the Siberia level, and I beat him 15-4, using mostly the Soviet Rifle.
  • Saw Movie 17 for goal #22

    I went and saw Star Trek with John today.
  • Bought books from Girls With Slingshots (#20)

  • Thought of 200 ideas for my next 101 list (#101)

    You can see my ideas here.
  • Wore a 2-piece outside (#2)

    Went swimming at Lake Josephine with some friends.
  • Win NaBloPoMo

    Post a blog entry every day for one month--National Blog Posting Month!
  • Wore a skirt to CONvergence (#6)

  • Started College (#39)

    I'm taking classes at MCTC.