• Born-Status

    On Sept. 16 I was born. I was the yougesty of five children. My status in my family-even though a baby- was pretty high. I was the new born and baby of the family. For a while there, all attention was on me.
  • Sunday School-Social Interaction

    I was put into sunday school class this day. In sunday school i met lots of other little kids and interacted with them. I learned to make friends and learned the basic norms of social interaction.
  • Middle class- business

    My mom owns her own business and earns money by working, She is an anaplastologist and makes prostheitcs for people who are in need ( like an eye, ear, nose, or breast prosthesis). She is part of the middle class.
  • Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski- social protection

    In 1996, Theodore Kaczynski was arrested and imprisoned for life for various bombings. He is kept in prison to protect the puble frrom further fatalties.
  • Kindergarden-Institution

    When i was four years old i went to school for the very first time. I was put into a socail institution of american society, where i would learn and be educated of basic knowledge.
  • PIcking my nose not okay-norms

    One day in kindergarden the teacher had us sit for reading time. I sat next to a kid, criss crossed and picked my nose. The kid looked over at me with a grossed out look and said, "ew thats disgusting don't pick your nose." Apparently, it was no longer okay to pick your nose anymore. I had learned a new norm that day of school.
  • Juvenile Delinquency- Comlumbine

    A shooting occured at Columbine High School. THe acts were committed by two teenagers who had made themselves juvenille delinquents.
  • 9/11 Attack

    On this day the world trait center of the US was destroyed by two hi-jacked planes. This dramatic event hit America at its core and spurred patriotism throughout the country. The American people stayed true and loyal to their country and stuck by it through the time of loss
  • Enron- white collar crime

    The Enron scandal was a financial scandal involving Enron Corporation. Many lost big money form the savings of Enron.
  • Dr. Phil - Super Ego

    Dr. Phil made his first apperence with his show in 2002. He is a doctor who makes money off of acting within the appropriate norms of society and helps people who are not acting within the norms. He has extreme controlled behavior.
  • BS- Stigma

    Britany Spears has continuely commited erratic behavior. FOr instance, attacking an SUV with an umbrella, shaving her head, and locking herself in a bathroom with her younger son, to name a few. She has officially adapted a stigma of possibly being bipolar.
  • Running-Control Theory

    I joined cross country my freshmen year of high school. I grew very commited to it. During running season, my attachment to the sport keeps me in line and from doing deviant acts, for the most part.
  • Absolute Poverty

    When i was in Brasil i had a glimpse of absolute poverty. We went to the slums where people had no suffiecient way of making an income and lived in shacks
  • Brasil-Cultural Universals.

    I went to Brasil and it was interesting to see the differences in Brasil culture compared to America. Although the similarites were almost more interesting. For instance it was curious to see that even in the deepet of slums, people seek some form of religion or truth. Just like America with our religions and ideas of truth.
  • Curfew- Deterance

    I was pulled over on my way home this night and got ticketed for being out past curfew. To discourage me from being out late again i was fined $70.00.
  • the wrath of 2007-agrarian

    A huge drought occurred in america causing it hard for the farmers to make a living, and hard for the amish to survive.
  • Deviance-wedding

    One night my friends and i went up to red rocks out of shere boredom, just so happens that a wedding recemption was taking place. So, not being against the law, though looked down upon, we decided to crash the wedding. We danced all night.
  • Steaking-crime?

    Some of my friends went sking down a mountain butt naked. At the bottom of the mountain they were taken by security. They got ticketed and had to go to court. The end result was a fine of $1000. This simple deviant act of streaking had been made illegal to prevent it from ever happening.
  • RTD puching and pullin containment theory.

    Me and my friend went downtown to see a movie. We took the light rail. My friend kept pulling me to not buy a ticket, saying we wouldn't get caught (outer buffer). In my mind i knew i should buy one and i'd probably get caught if i didn't (inner buffer). But i was an idiot and didnt buy one. I got caught and had to pay a $36.00 fee when the ticket would of only been $3.00
  • College-Socialization

    I am going to be heading off to college where i will enter into my early adulthood. I will have responsibilties, independence, and be working towards the goals that will carry me through the rest of life.