By TA321
  • I was born in (Of Course!) in Corpus Christi, Texas.

  • Celebrated my first Thanksgiving.

  • I moved to Mexico(Day-unkown).

  • I moved out of Mexico with my mother(Day-unkown).

  • I had my first birthday.

  • My first and only brother was born!

  • Celebrated my brother's first birthday.

  • Rode a bike for the first time(full date-unknown).

  • I started pre-school(Kindergarten/Pre-k-unkown).

  • My sister is born!

  • My mother and father get married.

  • My other sister is born!

  • Graduated from the sixth grade.

  • I joined the football team.

  • I won an award for the best 7th grade artist.

  • Well I'm still livin'!