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my life

  • my birth

    my birth
    i was born August 16th 1993. i really think this may have been my parents happiest day EVER! lol probably not but im glad it happened.
  • Morgan!

    on may 8th my life deff changed. i went from being the baby of the house to being pushed to the middle child. this is the absolutley worst spot to be in as a child.
  • cisco=]

    cisco was my first dog that was allowed to stay in the house. hes small white and fuzzy. i was super excited to pick him up from zoos pet store on dec.12th
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    wow i feel like this was so long ago but it was only four years ago. i remeber this night so well. i was so happy to leave upper deerfeild township schools but for some reason i cried like the whole night lol
  • highschool!!! omg!

    highschool!!! omg!
    wow i think my freshma year was one of the best years of my high school life lol i met so many people and just had such a good time. to tell the trufth i wasnt even scared to start in a new school with new people.
  • chubbbsss

    chubbs is my best friend who is a ginger! i love him soooooooo much words couldnt explain it. we have ah-maziing adventures and we are both addicted to fun wich means everyday we have to have some kind of fun to survive lol
  • parker barks

    parker barks
    parker is my older sisters dog but he stayed at our house for awhile to be potty trained . this dog will brighten up your day even if hes peeing on something lmao
  • senior year =0

    senior year =0
    high school went by so fast but im really gld i made it through with good grades great freinds and awsome health. this experience really made me grow up and experience things that i never thought i would face but in all i would do it all over agin in a heart beat=]
  • license woah

    this was the most scariest days of my life. i was soo nervous to go to salem and take my drivers test. i had only practiced my paraell parking and hour before my test. but luckyly i passed with flying colors because im such a good driver lol jk.
  • my jetta

    my jetta
    after passing my drivers test my parents bought me my 09 2.5 jetta volkswagon. i love this car with all my heart i think everyone should own a vw lol
  • graduation=[

    i havent experienced this yet but i know i will cry wen im walking on the grass. im really going to miss my last REAL childhood days
  • medical school

    medical school
    by this time i hope to be in boston in medical school at tufts university wooooo hooo
  • plastic surgen

    plastic surgen
    at this point i should be done all of my schooling but maybe not but if i am i wanna be a plastic surgen. i wanna help make the world beutiful lol =]