Rich's Life

By Richpsl
  • Born!

    This was the day i was born. I was born in Underwood Memorial which is located in woodbury New Jersey. I was born at 8:03 a.m. and i was 9 pounds. I was the second and last child to be born. My sister was born March 25 1991.
  • Fire!

    A family friend lived in the attic and she loved candles. One day she left and i went up there and lit one of her candles. It went from the candle to the bed and then to the drapes. I lit the entire upstairs on fire.
  • First Move.

    I was 5 years old and it was my first time moving and i was very excited. We moved from Black Horse Pike to Williamstown Road. We went from a neighbor hood to a random road with like 3 houses on it. It was a huge change but it was awesome.
  • Car Accident.

    Car Accident.
    At around 1 a.m. i was comming home from a friends birthday party. We were driving down the road swerved and hit a tree head on. I was in the passenger seat laying down. My mom was in the passenger and a family friend was driving. I was the only one seriouly hurt. I snapped my femur from the force of the hit.
  • My second first step

    After many months of physical therapy and almost a year of no walking. I was finaly strong enough to attempt to walk. I took my first step and my dad was just comming in from work. So he was able to see my walk again. The day after i walked into my 3rd grade classroom.
  • Best Friend

    This was the day i met my best friend Ray, Hes the coolest kid that i know and has my back through everything. He lives with me now and all we do is laugh. We met at my friends birthday party and we got kicked out of the movies for flinging skittles.
  • Pop Died

    Pop Died
    He was my dads dad and the coolest guy i ever knew. He used to say the wierdest things to me and my sister just so he could watch us run to our parents and ask them the same question. He was a war veteran and he was pretty strict when i was a kid. But he will always be missed.
  • Pop Pop Died

    He was my moms dad and he was a true family man. He always needed to be near family. When i hear his name the first thing i picture is a garden because he loved them so much, We were all heart broken the day he left but he will always be missed.
  • Mom Mom died

    She was my moms mom and the most generous person youll ever meet. I loved going over her house when i was a child. We used to have so much fun. She had so many decorations for christmas and she loved the eagles.
  • First Truck

    First Truck
    On this day i bought my first car which was one of the greatest things ever. It was my dream vehicle it was the exact truck i wanted. Its a 1994 Ford Bronco with a 6 inch lift and 35 inch tires. It was a very good deal i couldnt be more excited.

    Atfer lots of hardwork and dedication this will be the day that i graduate highschool. As long as i pass my classes that i have now especially my health projects i should be good. Most of myfamily hasnt graduated from college so that will be my next big step
  • College

    This will be the day that i start my first day at Atlantic Cape Community College. Ill be going there for around two years for culinary arts. Then from there who knows what im going to do. My main goal would be to own a restaurant.
  • College Grad

    This should be the day i graduate from community college. Which would only be the first step of many to obtaining my long term goal of owning a restaurant. After this point who knows what going to happen next
  • Restaurant

    This would probably be one of the best days of my life. Finally obtaining my main goal in life. Once this happens i can sit back and relax and know that ive succeded in life.