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my life: justin hatfield

  • Birthday

    i was born on march 31st in bridgton hospital. I was rasied by two wonderful parents Joel and Diana Hatfield. Im am so glad to be born and taking care of by my two bestfriends. i wouldnt trade them for the world. i love you mom and dad
  • started preschool

    started preschool
    I started preschool when i was 3 years old at Myron L Powell school. I had two great teachers Mrs.Duvillav and Mrs. Rilland. they made me feel like home when i was nervous at school andscared to be way from my mom . They made everything fun and i loved to go to school everyday because of my two teachers.
  • My popppop died.

    My popppop died.
    Anthony "jocko" Rintondo, My poppop i thought was the strongest most brevest man alive, he was honestly the best freind i had, i always hung out eith him at his house on walnut street in bridgeton, My poppop served i nthe Marines in world war two. and survived. he died when he was 83 years old of throat cancer. Not only did i loose a poppop.. i lost my best freind.
  • graduatred 8thgrade,

    graduatred 8thgrade,
    I graduated from 8th grade. I had alot of fun ion middle school and had a lot of good memories there i had alot of great teachers that helped me through everything. i played all sports in kiddle school and had alot of freinds. its time to take the next big step in to high school.
  • freshman year,

    freshman year,
    Oh man its high school time. i was so nervous coming into high shool not knowing barely anyone. haveing to remember my classes and where they were. I had to adjust to the enviorment and mature alot faster, the worst thing i think about the first day of highschool is finding a liunch table to sit at.
  • Joined the Cedarville Fire Department.

    Joined the Cedarville Fire Department.
    i joined the fire department.. i have to say that this is on of the best choices that i have ever made. i am in a comopany with all of awsome firefighters and they accepted me and one of the guys. i started out slow learning everything but ounce i got into it more i learned the love the Job. helping people when there luck is down is my cup of tea.
  • My first Job

    My first Job
    i had to start looking for a job. i applied all over the place looking for a job. Job hunting is not easy to do anymore. i finally got a phone call after about 3 weeks of applying for everywhere i could think of. and it was from Wawa i immedatly jumped on the oppertunity and started my job. i been there for almost a year now and i pum gas.
  • turn 18

    turn 18
    i am becoming a man and taking the first step into manhood hen i turn 18, i have more responablitlies and have to watch the things i do so i dont get arrested. i have to grow up fast and live life to the fullest.
  • graduate fire school.

    graduate fire school.
    the first week of june i will be graduating fire school. i have been in fire school for 6 motnths now and i have learend everything i need to be a good fire man. i have learned to be a better man in the fireschool calss and that its not a joke.
  • graduate highschool.

    graduate highschool.
    i am finally going to graduate high schol and take the next setp into the real world. i dont think im going to miss school that much but i will miss all of my freinds. i have met alot of great people here in highscool it was a lot of fun and i hope for the best for everyone.
  • Getting into a paid Fire Department.

    Getting into a paid Fire Department.
    i plan on getting into a paid fire comany soon after i graduate fireschool anf making a career out of it. i love fire fighting and i dont look at it as a job or a hobby. i look at is as a passion and a way of life.
  • take my fire fighter training tothe next level with fire fighter 2.

    take my fire fighter training tothe next level with fire fighter 2.
    i would like to furher my education as a fireman so i am able to teach others how to use tools and how to survive as a fireman. also i would someday like to become an officer in a fire comoany such as captain or chief.
  • starting a family.

    starting a family.
    i would like to settle down with a good girl. and buy a house and start a family and become a father. As a father i plan in teaching my child life lessons and to be a freind as wel as a parent. if i have a boy i would teach him to play soccer and baseball, teach him how to hunt if intrestded and talk to him about being a firefighter. i would also like to for my child to look at me as a role model and someone they trust and aleays go to.