My Life

  • Birth

    My birth i was born in Washington township with my twin brother Roy, i am a minute older then he is.
  • Broken Leg

    When i was around the age of 1-2 years of age i had a spiral break on my left leg which means it spun around completly.
  • rebroke leg

    I rebroke my leg that i had a spiral break on i was told i slipped on milk that my sister had spilled on the floor and broke it again when i was about 3-4 years of age
  • Broken arm

    I was around 5 years old when i broke my arm i was on my fathers dirt bike while it was leaning on the shed and it tipped over i broke my arm and my head went through a glass fish tank. not fun
  • Learning how to ride a bike

    My uncle Kenny taught me how to ride a bike this is a rignificant time period for me because i spent the majority of my life bmxing until a few years ago
  • Grandmother dies

    My grandmother died of brain and breast cancer she was a wonderful women and will always be missed and remembered by my family.
  • Delsea

    I moved from Schalick to Delsea after my grandmother died this si significant because i gained and lost friends but it was enjoyable process
  • Best Frired

    I met my best friend at Delsea Regional High School, his name is Richard Anderson he goes to Cumberland just as i do, funniest person i know and most chill person i know
  • weight lifting

    I found my hobby the first year of high school which is weight training i enjoy it, it makes me happy and calm i like feeling the burn as some say it's enjoyable
  • Brother metal elbow

    Last year my twin brother broke his arm and had to geta metal elbow replacement this is significant because he is my brother and was going to join the military with me but due to that he may not be able to enlist and fight by my side.
  • Enlistment

    I enlisted into the Army National Guard in 2010, i started my carer as a soldier of our armed forces and have no regrets and cannot wait until i am deployed to afghanistan
  • Cumberland

    I moved to Cumberland the day i turned 18 years old i moved into my best friends home due to some personal dilemas in my household
  • live

    Live lif eafter graduating high school have a party just have fun
  • girl

    Get a girlfriend a long term girlfriend not just one to fool around with
  • college

    I start college spring semester at Rowan university hopefully big step for me
  • making money

    Hopefully have a well paying job as well as the military until i go active duty in the military
  • Officer

    I will be coming an officer in the military after i graduate 4 years of college and 4 years of rotc in college