Taryn Kathleen Rossetti

  • My birth (:

    My birth (:
    On Thursday December 3, 1992 at 7:19 AM I was born to Karan Marialaina Carothers and Frank Anthony Rossetti Junior. I am the the only girl, and the youngest of three, My two older brothers are Timothy Anthony Rossetti and Frank Anthony Rossetti III. I was born in Glassboro, New Jersey, and lived there until I was three, and moved to Woodbury and moved again to Greenwich when I was six and have lived here ever since.
  • Guitar.

    On Christmas morning I, like many other kids woke up to presents, after all the presnts were done being opened my dad told me that there was one more around the house, and I had to look for it, I looked for it, for maybe a minute when my dad couldn't bare it anymore and pulled out my new Stratacaster Fender, he was so excited, I really hadn't had any interest in guitar, but I guess I had no choice now, I began to play and take lesson. Music is a good release of stress for me and clears my head.
  • 8th Grade graduation

    8th Grade graduation
    I graduated from Morris Goodwin School as one of eight kids, at graduation I gave the welcome speach, I was so nervous, but everyone said I did a good job...who knows who's telling the truth, but on to high school next year. (: I was really excited to get out of my small town and reach out to new people and make new friends.
  • License

    On January 22, 2010 I took my driver's license test at the Salem DMV and passed. The first time I actually took the test I failed, and the tester guy was so mean, and actually yelled at me, but when I took it a week later, I felt much better and focoused, and thankfully had a different person. I feel so much more independent now that I can drive myself where everI want to go and don't have to depend on my parents.
  • Passing HSPA

    Passing HSPA
    In March 2010 of last year all high school Juniors were required to take the High School Proficency assessment, which they were tested on their skills in math, reading, and writting. On this test a 200 is considered passing, I was incredibly nervous, but only for math, which is my worst subject, when I got my results back I discovered I passed math with just a 200. :D It's important to pass this because with out it I wouldn't be going to college.
  • High School graduation

    High School graduation
    In June 2011 I will have completed my four years at Cumberland Regional High school and will then have graduated and be ready to go on to Cumberland County College. I can't wait to continue my education and get a career, I'm glad the college is close to home and I won't have to leave. As much as I hate living here, I couldn't bare to be with out it.
  • Graduate Cumberland County

    Graduate Cumberland County
    In May of 2015 I will have hopefully completed my four years of schooling at Cumberland County College and will have my Masters Degree in the Science of Nursing and become a Registered Nurse. Becoming a nurse was never an ideal job for me, I never thought I could do it, but my mother, as a nurse always encouraged me and opened my eyes to see that there is a lot to offer in the nursing field and there are also many different things I can do and there will always be a job for me.
  • Job

    Soon after graduating from Cumberland County College I hope to land a good job as a nurse at a local job, I'm not entirely sure yet, but I hope to either work in geriatrics or hospice. I've always wanted to work in geriatrics because I used to go to the Camden hospital on Sundays and visit my Great Uncle and MomMom and see all the other older people and seeing them and helping them was always something I loved, espcially since some of those people don't have family that cares for them.
  • Married

    Soon after finding a good stable job and a good guy, I hope to be married and settled down in a nice house, and live a nice long happy marriage with a wonderful husband, I always hope that my marriage will be good and strong, marriage is important because it shows you're willing to commit to someone for your entire life and never leave their side, and you'll always be there for them, even at their weakest times.
  • Family

    I hope a few years after I'm married to have a small family of a few children with my husband and care the best I can for my kids, and spoil them too. Having a family is important because it just seems tradition to have children, and I would love to have children who love me unconditonally (until they're teenagers) and just fill life with joy.