By TA58
  • When I was born!!!

    I was born in Arlington,Texas.
  • Eating prime rib at 6 months old

    I was eating prime rib at 6 months old and i have been a heavy meat eater ever since. YUMMY
  • The day my sister was born.

    The day my sister was born was a exciting thing because i could now play with someone.
  • The day my sister had her surgery

    I was really scared because that was my little baby sister.
  • Swimming at 3 years old

    I was swimming at age 3 and i was pretty good at I have been swimming awesome ever since.
  • My first Ku-Ku Burger.

    Ku-KU Burgers are mainly found in Oklahoma and are the most delisious thing ever they beat anytype of burger in my book.
  • I got my tonsals out.

    I was throwing up blood for a month after the surgery but i got a lot of delicious ice cream from Sonic.
  • 911!!!!!!!!

    The twin towers in New York were taken down by terrorists and The United States were under a attack.
  • My grandpa died.

    My moms dad died.
  • My first hamster.

    My hamster was a fat little guy but he died 8 months after i got him.
  • Killer snowball fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i went to OKlahoma and i was surprised to see a coating of one foot of snow fell on the ground. I played with my friends and we had the most killer snowball fight ever!!!!!!!!
  • Went to the Alamo.

    I got to go on this river thing over by the Alamo.
  • Went to SeaWorld.

    SeaWorld was awesome i got to pet the dolphins.
  • When i went to Alabama

    When i was at Alabama me and my grandpa and my dad went to the Alabama University and got to see the football players practice.
  • I got baptised.

    I got baptised the week after my church camp.
  • Went to the beach.

    I went in the Gulf aroundCorpus Cristi.
  • The day i went to see the OU vrs. Texas football game

    I went there with my dad and we watched them play in the cotton bowl by the state fair.
  • First time going to Bone Daddys

    I went to Bone Daddys with my dad on bring your kid to work dy it was awesome.
  • Got my first cell phone

    My first cell phone rocks its a slider and has a awesome sound system.
  • 4th of July in the lake.

    ON this 4th of July my cousins and my family were out on a speed boat in the middle of the lake wathing fireworks and swimming in the lake it was Joe Pool Lake.
  • First day of Junior High

    The first day of Junior High was confusing cause of trying to get to the right classes on time.
  • My Great Grandma died.

    she died when she was 96.
  • My first published artical

    My artical was published on the cD of Rush one of my favorite bands
  • My first puppy!!!!!!

    My first puppy is a shnouzer/havanice she is super small but playful.
  • Went to the beach

    I went to the beach in the Gulf of Mexico down in Corpus Cristi