French Revolution

By HaasIZO
  • Period: to

    Deficit spending

    King Louie had engaged in war, borrowed money, and raised taxes and had the country very for into debt. Extravegant spending cause much debt as well
  • Louie XVI call the estates-general

    Louie XVI call the estates-general
    After the econmy had dropped to an all time low called summoned the estates general to meet at Versailles and to take the tennis court oath
  • Parisians storm the bastille

    Parisians storm the bastille
    After rumors went around royal troops were going to occupy the capital, More then 800 Parisians assembled outisde Bastille and demanded weapons and gunpowder, guards opened fire into the crowd killing several people but the crowd eventually broke through killing 5 guards as well as released prisoners
  • Period: to

    National Assembly Acts

    A series of political events leading to the signing on a new conistion. These events included the womans march on Versailles, the declaration of the rights of men, and special privalges ends
  • Threats come from abroad

    Threats come from abroad
    A failed escape by Louie XVI caused the king of prussia and emperor of austria issed the declaration of Pilnitz, where they threatened to intervene to protect the French monarchy, this caused the people of France to prepare for war
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    The French revolution declares war on Prussia, Britain, and other states eager to end tyranny a war that would last until 1815
  • Period: to

    Nationlism spreads

    During the French Revolution the French people found a strong sense of pride and duty in their country, this showed in the many songs and dances that became poplular during the time such as "La Marseillaise" which would later become the French national anthem
  • Monarchy is abolished

    Monarchy is abolished
    French government leaders met at a convention, they voted to abolish the monrachy and establish a republic- thee french republic
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and the Reign of terror

    During Frances inner battle to establish a rebulic, the road was paved largely in part by Maximilien Robespierre who had been during one the main arcitcts in the development of the Guillotine. During his regin of terror which main purpose was the eliminate the "traitors", about 300,000 people being arrested and around 7,000 being executed. His reign would end with his ironic arrest and executution by the Gullotine.
  • revolution enters its third stage

    revolution enters its third stage
    On this date the French governemnt offically wrote its third constitution since 1789 which set up a five man directory and a two house legilature elected by land owning males citizens. This directory held power from 1795 to 1799