French Revolution!!!!!

  • Period: to

    Deficit spending by the government and Economic Reform

    who-Louis XIV
    what-left france deeply in debt
    why-because Louis XIV left france in heavy debt when he left
    how-the government spent more money than they made.
  • Period: to

    Louis XVI calls the estates General

    who-louis XVI
    what-france was on the verge of louisXVI calls in the states general for some help representing the people of france's voting rights.
    when-end of 1788
    why-because france was still in debt from when Louis XIV left them.
    How-the state general changed the way voting was wasnt fair from the beginning, so he helped change it to become more convienent for everybody.
  • Parisians storm the Bastille

    who-over 800 parisians
    what-assembled outside the Bastille,
    where-in the streets of Paris
    when-july 14,1789.
    why-rumor was that Royal troops were going to occupy the capital.......therefore the parisians demanded weapons and gunpowder believed to be stored in the Bastille.