• The day i was born

    The day i was born
    It all happened at Sini Grace Hospital at 5:00 am. My mother's youngest child and also her only daughter was born. She was happy she had her third child! Her name was Altamese Kadeja Mims.
  • When i was 7 months old.

    When i was 7 months old.
    I learned how to walk and i understood what people was saying to me.
  • When i was four years old.

    I started per-school. In my words the day i fell in love with school.
  • The day i started kindergarten

    The day i started kindergarten
  • First day of 1st garde.

    First day of 1st garde.
    I started school at Mann elementary in detroit michigan. I loved that school. I went there until 3rd grade marking period one. I was on the cheerleading team. I knew all of the teachers and students.
  • When i had to switch schools.

    Me, my mom, and my two older brothers had to move. We moved on warren from w. chicago. I had gotten enrolled into Carver elementary school. We did not have to wear uniform. I liked that school alot.
  • When i had to switch schools again.

    Because of a move back on w. chicago, I switched schools again 5th grade. I went to Mcoll elementary located of w.chicago. I graduated from elementary from that school on honor roll and a gpa of a 3.5.
  • When i started middle school.

    When i started 6th grade i went to Cherry Hill k-12 performing arts school. I thought it was going to be really nice but it was actually ghetto. That school was dirty and had bugs. My grades also went down six grade. My oldest brother went to jail that year and it really brought me down.
  • The year of 7th grade

    7th grade i attended Lessenger middle school located on joy road. That school was really bad. It was a hood school and fool of bad students. I used to be one of those bad student who used to fight and beat people up all the time 7th and 8th grade.
  • Moving Again

    We had to move because our landlord lost the house we was living in and didn't tell us.
  • The summer at my new house

    I didn't really know anyone in the neighbor hood but i met a few boys and my cousins lived close by so i was always with them. My first summer there was some boys fighting on my lawn.
  • My first year of high school

    I attented Thurston high school. My first year was okay.
  • befriend

    The year i met my bestfriend Keturah.
  • My lost

    The day i lost my grandma. My fathers mother. I loved my grandma and her cooking. She loved to cook. Every holiday she cooked.
  • My 16th birthday

    My 16th birthday
    I went to Outback steak house with all of my friends. We then went downtown