The Life Of Torie Michelle Hess

By torie
  • birth

    it was crying & no one could calm me down except my grandpa at birth. I was put to sleep was to be held up on my grandpas big stomach while jiggled me to sleep
  • 5 months

    I was attached to a certain type of blanket with satin lining around the edges & ran the satin thru my fingers & face to calm me as I fell asleep
  • age 1

    i was in the middle room of my grandmas house playing with my kitchen set, apparently I held up a small plastic knife holding it like Psycho repeatedly stab my grandma.
  • age 2

    walk onto of the coffee table doing the pee wee Herman dance, & was always used as my stage.
  • age 1 & 1/2

    wen being put down for a nap id always be put in a crib & the only way I cud go to sleep was the put my foot thru bars & touch my grandpas big stomach
  • age 3

    ran across the floor where the stove was & burnt my feet at my grandmas, stayed up all night with my feet in a pucket of cold water
  • age 4

    I was attending March preschool in Springfield Tennessee with my Sperm donor and had gotten in a fight with boy, he threw rubber tar from the playground in my eyes so I punched his nose & possibly broke it, (it was a gusher!)
  • age 6

    I watched “The Puppet Master” with my parental & I was terrified to sleep at night for weeks cuz I thought the leech lady would come for me
  • age 5

    first car accident due to sperm doner intoxicated behind the wheel, busted forehead & got stitches
  • age 7

    I attended regularly, my sperm donors band practices & always played on the drums, I got really good at it & was took to do a gig with the band
  • age 8

    I was an inspirational speaker at a friends church and was told to say a speech prayer at the church picnic because my prayer had shocked everyone for positivity reasons
  • age 8

    was making a German chocolate cake when my hair got caught in the electric mixer. 3 people had to help untangle the mess that was my chocolate afro hair.
  • age 10

    was going to a funnel persuasion for my Aunt Linda & was plowed my a coal semi, breaking both of my legs, internal bleeding, bruised lungs & brain
  • age 13

    at a family new years party at a community party center I saw Panic at the disco new york ball drop on a big screen & noticed a song they wrote that seemed to fit my predicament really well
  • age 9

    I joined the a girl scouts troop 536