My 103

The story of my life

By clarkda
  • birth

    I was born september 5 1999.I was the oldist son of my dads. Back then i only had one brother his name is Nathan cline.
  • early years

    In my early years i learned how to crawl. But i didn't crawl how every one else started.I crawled backwards. whaen i turned 1 i started to walk. when I was 2 i got anather brother. his name was britian.
  • my 4th year of my life.

    When i was 4 i met two people. One was named Jason. The other was named sidney. They were my best friends. over the years i moved to my grandmothers house. my dad stayed. But my mom and dad were still together. The first time i visited my dad i met a girl. me and my friend jason would fight over who got her. he evenchualy stoped talking to her and she became my girl friend.
  • over the years

    over the yars i started to relise that my best friends were jerks. so i stopped hagging out ith them. my girl friend wendy moved away so i couldn't see her. I started to think she was dead. but i couldn't believe it. I started to get into greek mythology.
  • 2008

    i stared playing football for popwarner. i played for the bagers. my dad started living with us in 2006. i first made a tackle when we were faceing the gaters
  • 2010

    I stared using cruches in august. because i brused my shin bone on my left leg. in october i got a new brother his name was donauld. we call him iggy. is started calling him pasum because he would always play pasum
  • 2011

    i was doing good in 2011 evan though my 1 year old coudin trakatra was bugging the crap out of me.