My Life

By zaylou
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    Conception to Today

  • Conception

  • Birth & Infancy

  • Parenting Style

    My parents were/are warm, but strict. When I was punished, my parents would tell me that the punishment hurt them more than it hurt me. I was frequently getting spanked for misbehaving. They were supportive and protective, but they were also controlling. As long as my behavior fit into the rules, then they were happy. Even when I misbehaved, they still had a warm parenting style. When I was punished, they showed the strict side more.
  • Developed Conscious

    M mom used to tell me to not put my toes under the blankies. She would then do the "this little piggy went to the market, etc" thing with my toes. She would often forget to tell me that I could put my toes back under the blanket. So I would sleep all night without my blankets on, or with my feet sticking out of my blankets (which was aweful because I was always freezing!). Sometimes I would even go into my parents room and wake up my mom and ask if I could put my feet back under my blankets.
  • Conscious Cont.

    When I developed my conscious, my moral compass that directs decisions based on what is right or wrong was created. For me, feelings of guilt were the consequences for my actions. However, consequences are not always negative.
  • Childhood

  • Isaac born

  • Mom's birthday

  • Bahamas with Dad & Childhood

    My dad radio broadcasted for USI. He would travel where ever the basketball teams went. Once, he went to the Bahamas and I got to go with him. I remember the majority of events that occured on this trip. The psychological stage that I was in during this trip was childhood. I was only four, and childhood begins from the age of two and ends at adolescence.
  • Became a Christian

  • T-Ball & Softball

    I started playing t-ball. My dad was the coach; he also coached the softball team. I eventually left the t-ball team early to join the softball team since they were short a player. I was very good at catching and throwing. For catching, I got my reflexes from my dad. A reflex is an automatic response. For me, my reflex was to catch the ball when it came in my direction. In this case, my reflexes helped me in my sport.
  • Lillian Born

  • Attachment

    During kindergarden, I felt a lot of attachment to my family. I attended a homeschool co-op. I would cry when my mom left me at the co-op. This is an example of attachment becasue I an intense emotional reaction to leaving my mom. We had an intense emotional relationship because we both reacted in nervous manners when we were separated.
  • Mom had surgury to remove malignent melanoma

  • Baptized

  • Grandparent's Divorce

    My grandparents divorced when I was about 8. My grandpa was cheating on my grandma, but they waited to divorce until their children had grown up and settled down with a family of their own. Divorce is when a married couple ends their marriage vows and separates. My father was careful to learn from his parent's mistakes so that he and my mother would not end up being divorced, since divorce hurts everyone involved and affected.
  • 9-11 Terrorist Attack

    I was homeschooled during this time. I remember sitting in our back porch working on homework when my dad called home and talked to my mom. Mom then took us to the back porch and turned on the TV. We spent the rest of the day watching the TV and talking about what was happening. This was the begining of my formal-operational stage. I had to take an abstract idea, a terrorist attack that I could not see, and analyze is and try to understand the implications of this event.
  • Self-Esteem

    During fifth grade I had a very high self-esteem. I was very tall, slim, pretty, and confident. I highly valued myself, specifically my looks. Eventually, I learned to value other aspects of myself, such as my talents, abilities, and mental capabilities. Self-esteem is the ability to attach worth or value to oneself. My mom and dad taught me what good self-esteem was.
  • Contact Comfort At Night

    I was scared of sleeping alone in my bed. I shared a room with my little sister. At night, I would ask her if she was scared. If she wasn't, I would tell her scary things such as "if a murderer walked into this room, you would die first because your bed is closest to the door." When she was scared, she would sleep with me in my bed. This provided contact comfort for me and for her. Also, I would snuggle my Barney and hold my blue blankie. Feeling these soft things and my little sister in
  • Contact Comfort at Night Cont.

    my bed created contact comfort for me because I knew I was not alone, and that I could not be hurt.
  • Adolescence

    At the age of 12 I entered adolescence. I was very tall and slim. This made me appear lanky and akward. My feet were size eight, and I had not grown to match their size yet. I was awkward concerning social interactions. I felt uncomfortable with my self and was trying to discover who I was. This relates to adolescence because this is exactly what it is: an awkward time when a child is physically turning into an adult. The child needs a of physical and mental growth before becoming an adult.
  • Adolescent Growth Spurt

    I went camping with my family when I was 12. We cooked outside and had a limited amount of food available for each meal. I would eat my meal, and by the time all of the dishes were cleaned, I would be hungry again. I was snacking all the time and was unable to feel full. This was during my adolescent growth spurt. I required more calories and energy for my body to grow. I gained several inches in hight that year.
  • Cliques

    During Jr. High I joined a Bible study at my church. My best friend and I were homeschooled at the time, and the rest of the students went to the same public school. This was my first experience with cliques. These people were already part of an established group, and I found it hard to fit into their category because of our differences. The term clique relates to my situation because I was one person out of a large group that did not fit into the smaller group.
  • Peer Pressure

    During Jr. High, I faced a lot of peer pressure concerning my wardrobe. I did not fit the fashionable style. Because of this, people pressured me to change my appearance. They did this through suggestions, mockery, or complements when I wore popular clothes. This peer pressure eventually worked on me because I conformed to what the crowd wanted. I was willing to change my appearance in order to be accepted by the crowd.
  • Friend & Juvenile Delinquency

    My friend became involved illegal perscription drugs. Her boyfriend gave them to her, and she overdosed on them in an attempt to kill herself. My best friend and I found her and got her help in time. This is an example of juvenile delinquency because she was under 18. It is also illegal to abuse perscription drugs, as it is also illegal to kill (or attempt to kill) oneself.
  • Started High School

    I was homeschooled at the begining of high school.
  • Started Signature School

    I started high school at Signature School. I started part way through the first grading period.
  • Dad got back implant to control back pain

  • Bosse High School

    I started high school at Bosse during the second grading period of my sophmore year.
  • Separation Anxiety

    When I was young, I suffered from separation anxiety. I hated spending the night at other people's homes. I disliked being away from my family. I was well past infancy, but I still disliked being away from my parents. Due to this separation anxiety, I would often have nightmares and trouble sleeping.
  • sister Joanna got married

  • Started Dating Ryan