Infancy and Adolesence

  • Birth Date

    The day I was born:)
  • Period: to

    Infancy and Adolesence

  • Contact Comfort

    As an infant I would often be layed on my mother's chest because laying there I was calmer and fell asleep faster.
  • Attatchment

    My mother breast fed all of her children. When my younger brother was born I was only 14 months old, but had been weened off of breast milk for several months. When my mom started to breast feed Rocky I decided I wasn't done breast feeding and flipped out, screaming "My boo boos!"
  • Separation Anxiety

    When I was four my best friend lived across the street from me. I had been at her house for hours playing, but it was okay because my mom and dad were right across the street. We were out back playing and I heard my dad's car start so I looked out front and they were driving away. Turns out they were only going two blocks away to my aunts house, but I still freaked out for like forty five minutes until they came back.
  • Stranger Anxiety

    When I was little, I was extremely shy. My stranger anxiety continued past infancy until I was about seven. When I started kindergarden our class all we had to do was stand up and tell our names and I crawled under my desk and cried because I didn't want to talk.
  • Strict/ Permissive

    When I was seven my brothers and I stole all of my dads hammers. For some reason or another we each wanted to put our own holes in the wall of our bedroom, so we did. My mom caught us, and my dad was supposed to spank us as our punishment. He had no problem spanking my brothers(strict), but my dad had never spanked me, I was the good kid and daddy's little princess. He decided he didn't need to(permissive) because even without being spanked I was still crying from my mom yelling.
  • Adolescent Growth Spurt

    In fifth grade I finall decided to grow a little. From fifth to sixth I probably grew about six inches, which for me is like eight feet because as a child I just didn't grow.
  • Identity Crisis

    Sometime between sixth and seventh grade I completely changed my appearance and what music I listened to and how I behaved probably five or six times until I found what I actually liked.
  • Juvenile Delinquancy

    My older brother has been to jail several times since he was fourteen. The first time he got into serious trouble with the law I was twelve. Watching the effects on him and my family because of that has influenced my behavior and decision a lot since then. Because of that I think I've made better decisions to avoid the same repurcussions.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard

    As a child I never made bad grades. In seventh grade I had a really tough english teacher that I didn't get along with. I struggled to keep my grade even at a 'B' that entire year. In the middle of the year we had a huge project and paper to do. I did really bad on it. It brought my grade down to a 'D' right before the end of the semester. I got a 'D' on my report card and when I told my mom she didn't even get angry, she forgave me immediatly because she knew I had tried.
  • Cliques

    As for cliques, I've never been the 'cool' kid. I've always been included the nerdy/ geeky clique because i'm smart and I used to be very shy.
  • Formal-Operational Stage

    In eighth grade at Washington at the end of the year I had to take the Algebra Core 40 test. I passed with the highest score in my class, proving I was well into my formal-operational stage and could understand the idea of 'x' in a problem even without any real life object to compare it to.
  • Identity Foreclosure

    The end of eighth grade I would say is when I finally stopped trying to be a certain thing and became myself.
  • Divorce

    My parents just divorced after a 19 year marriage, last year. I think this effected me a lot. Growing up I was always a daddy's girl, but since the divorce I live with my mom and no longer talk to my dad at all. I went from always being with him to maybe seeing him once every couple months.