my timeline

  • my sis was born!

    i love my big sis shes awesome! (sommetime)
  • my Birthday!

    i was born! yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my best friend was born!

    my buddy kali was born!
  • my little cousin was born!

    i got to see my little cousin Will! he was so cute and his little cheeks were all red and rosey!
  • tornado

    we were heading for Yellowstone. it was a beautiful day and then bam it hit us and hard to! the tornado struck us!
  • i got to see my puppy!

    we bought a new puppy and i got to see her after a day she was born!
  • first day of middle school!

    i was so nevous to go to middle school but now i love it!
  • my friend is leaving

    my friend is leaving to move to kansas! im so sad i dont want that day to come!