Lifespan of Andreea Tatu

  • Birth

    Born on January 30, 1991 in Bucharest, Romania. I was born at 4:00 p.m. and was 3. 100 kg abd 5 cm. I was a very loud and stubborn baby when i came out. I had a head full of hair!
  • Biosocial- First two years

    My first two years were simple. I slept a whole lot, and eat when i wasn't sleeping. I started walking when i was about 11/12 months. I had a hard time sleeping through the entire night at times.
  • Cognitive- First two years

    My first word was mamma around 7 months. Then followed by dadda.
  • Psychosocial- First two years

    I wasn't very attached to my mom or dad. I loved being held by my sister only and she was very protective over me. I always cried when i wasn't around my sister. I soon became more attached to my mom. I only cried when i was left at child care for the first few days and then i became to love it. My moms work was right next to my daycare so i think that was easier for me.
  • Biosocial- Play year

    This year my mom, dad, sister and i moved to America. We moved to Detroit, MI. I had no idea how to speak english or know anything about where i was. So because of that i was very careful with everything, I never wanted to go outside and play, i loved being inside and coloring or watching t.v. shows.
  • Cognative- Play years

    During school, I caught on to speaking english very fast. I wanted to be very good in school and make my mom and dad proud. I loved reading books and I started watching t.v. less and less.
  • Psychosocial- Play years

    My parents were strict. My sister and i had to listen to my parents. There were no "buts" in the house!
  • Psychosocial

    I was very friendly in school and outside of school. I played on a city basketball team for 4 years and everyone on the team went to my school so i became closer to them. But i always stuck with my very close best friends.
  • Biosocial- School years

    In 2000 my family moved to Livonia, MI and my sister and I wanted to meet some kids around the neighborhood. We were outside all the time riding our bikes. I met my best friend that lived directly across the street from my house. My other best friend lived 10 houses down from me. We were always outside.
  • Cognitive- School year

    At school i was a very good student. I read books all the time and started taking Spanish classes. I had a pen pale from Australia and we wrote letters to each others and learned from each other and the way we lived.