About me129

my life

  • i was born

    i was born
    i was born at Miami Valley Hospital at 11:59 pm.
  • im from dayton

    im from dayton
    i have lived in Dayton practically all my life.
  • my frist kiss

    my frist kiss
    i was young and it was my first love.
  • met love of my life

    met love of my life
    on this day i fell in love for the second time ,but the reason im marking this love and not both is because this one is special, his name is gabriel and we've been together on and off since this day , and we're stil standing strong today.
  • graduated 8th grade

    graduated 8th grade
    dayton standards are different then chillicothe's are and in dayton you graduate from kindergarden, 8th grade, and 12th grade . graduation was a semi-fun day ,but not as good as i wanted it to be.
  • went to chicago

    went to chicago
    this was a girls only trip through a youth center i used to go to and the program was called girls night out. we stayed in chicago for about a week and had sooo much fun.
  • first day of high school

    first day of high school
    i started high school nervous , [like any typical teenager] because i thought i wouldnt know anyone , thought i wouldnt like the school , and thought there would be alot of drama. but honestly the first day wasnt as bad as it was cracked up to be for me.
  • moved to chillicothe

    moved to chillicothe
    the day i moved to chillicothe i cried my heart out because i knew a piece of me was getting left behind , and i couldnt stand losing it.
  • started at huntington

    started at huntington
    dayton schools to chillicothe schools [huntington] is a major culture shock and i couldnt stand huntington when i first started and i cant stand it now. people we're really stuck up when i first started.
  • favorite movie

    favorite movie
    mean girls, this is a classic.
  • my dad died

    my dad died
    i was broken the day i found out my dad died , he just got back from his honeymoon , and was only married 9 days before they killed him. his wife was only like 3 months pregnant when he died if that. he was shot 12 times and would stil be alive if he didnt get shot in the head.
  • dad's funeral

    dad's funeral
    on this day i watched them put my dad 6 ft in the ground , and when they had his service at the church i was so broken i couldn't even wallk up and view his body.
  • jayden michael woodfork

    jayden michael woodfork
    on this day a little man named jayden was born . which happens to be my nephew.
  • last time i seen my heart

    last time i seen my heart
    i love this kid with everything i have.
  • gradate high school

    gradate high school
    on this day my life just begins.