Canadian History

  • Mar 1, 1534

    Cartier lands in Newfoundland

    He explored and travelled the area
  • Champlain establishes Port Royal

    He was sailing to acadia, with a group of people called the Sieur de Mont. Established port royal.
  • Champlain establishes Quebec City

  • First Filles du Rois arrive in New France

    700-900 french women who immigrated to Nouvelle France (what is now Quebec) in 1663 to 1673, they were sent to populate New France and creat families.
  • Jean Talon, intendant of New France

    A highly regarded intendant
  • Radisson and des Groseilliers reach Hudson Bay

    A group of explorers and traders
  • King of England grants Hudson’s Bay Company a monopoly of trade in Rupertsland

  • Expulsion of the Acadians

  • Expulsion of the Acadians

    it forced to acadian people to be removed from the present time maratime provinces, it happened during the french and indian war.
  • Seven Years War (begin)

  • British conquest of Quebec- Start

  • British conquest of Quebec -End

  • Seven Years War (end)

  • Treaty of Paris

    it was signed Feb.10 1763 by france, britian and spain
  • •Establishment of the Northwest Company and expansion of HBC trading postsinto the interior; voyageurs and Métis nation

  • Vikings land in L'Anse aux Meadows

    discovered in the 1960's, its the only known norse village in Canada.