• birth

    my mom had me and my twin brother on febuary 19, 1999
    she was 37 years old, my oldest sister was about 7 years old and my middle sister was about 3 years old
  • # 1 b-day

    it was my first birthday and when everyone started to sing i didnt know what they were doing so i started to cry i obviously didnt remember that my parents told me
  • hospital

    my brother was fishing on the dock with his scooby-doo fishing pole when kaitie my sister through a rock at danny it broke danny's head open and he had to go to the hospital
  • hockey

    the 23rd of september was the start of my hockey career iwas 3 years old when i started
  • kinder garten

    i started kindergarten on september 3rd and i cried cause i didnt want to go cuase i was scared by the teacher
  • montana

    this was the first year that i went skeeing in montana, i was about six i had fun with my cousins. me and my uncle were rasing down the mountin and i was going fast i couldnt here him yell slow down as i was almost to the bottom i saw this strip of yellow when i hit it i went air born and fell on my face.
  • montana 2

    we decided to go to montana agin and me and my brother was going down the mountin and we saw this gully so we went in it and as we were going into it i was watching my brother i looked up to see where i was going and when i looked back at him he wasnt there i stoped and went over to where i last saw him and he was in a 4 foot ditch