libbis life

  • Libbi's Born!~!!

    I was born,this day. At a hospital,that I dont know of...But whats cool is my friend Alex,she was born on the 27,at the same hospital,so we were born at the same hospital at the same time kinda:)
  • I went to China!

    I went to China,around August. i went when I was 5 or 6. We went because my dad got a job there,and we went to look at schools so we could live there. My mom didnt like any of them that we looked at,so we didnt end up living there obviously. But my dad still lives there,and he comes back to the states every few months.
  • Libbi started kindergarten

    I started kindergarten,at a madison school. This was before i switched over to a Verona School. I really liked my teacher. She is probably one of the best girl teachers Ive had. I also had her for 1st grade and then in 2nd grade i switched to Country View,so I was really sad not to see her.
  • Libbi sucks at riding bikes!

    I was about 7 and i just officially got the hang of riding bike! i was so excited i decided i should try and go down the hill at my house and so i would be going really fast! this ended wronge and i ended up loosing control and hitting the garage door! and knocking out baby teeth! i was sad,but excited! I would get money soon!!
  • Libbi gets her tongue stuck! and gets Paid!!

    I was about 8,and it was christmas! i was so excited! i had went out side and to the park with my sister! my sister was surpose to be watching me,but she wasent! and i decided to lick the basketball pole,and my tough got stuck! my sister started freaking out because i couldnt get it off! After 10 mins of sitting there,with my tough off,it came off! and my sister paid me 15 dollers not to tell my mom!
  • Period: to

    Dad comes back from china-and then goes back!

    My dad lived in China for a long time. He came back in the begining of the year in 2008,and so he lived back in the u.s.a, and then he recently went back to china to live there in early of the year 2010.
  • I got Parker!

    I had been wanting a dog for a long time! So for summer i got a black lab with a little bit of border collie in him! His name is Paker,and I got him when he was 3 months old! and he is sooo cute!