Chris golf 2010 b

Clevenger Individual

  • The Begining

    The Begining
    I was born at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham AL, around 7pm
  • My Fiance's Birthday

    My Fiance's Birthday
  • Enter the sister

    Enter the sister
    My sister was born 6 weeks premature
  • The start of my educational journey

    The start of my educational journey
    I began attending Leeds Elementary School.
  • Highschool Graduation

    Highschool Graduation
    I graduated at prettymuch the bottom of my class. There were 98 seniors in my class.
  • The Coast Guard

    The Coast Guard
    I was in bootcamp from Nov. 6 til Dec. 28, which means I missed my B'day that year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with my family.
  • Key West Florida

    Key West Florida
    I was stationed her for two years. It was the most perfect time of my life.
  • Graduation from Auburn University

    Graduation from Auburn University
    Very proud moment, followed by very sad moment. I realized I wasted my oppertunity and now had to reenter college and get a real degree