Dolores Live

  • I was born

    I was born in Arrecife, Lanzarote
  • This is my first Chritmas present

    It is a teddy Bear I olso received a rattel.
  • Playing with my counsin

    This photo was taken in my grandmother's house
  • I was a toddler

    I leared to walk in Playa Onda with my mother, my gradmother and my father.
  • My first holidays

    During the summer and at Easter, my whole family gather togetherin Playa Quemada.
    We stay at my grandmother's house and we usually have a great time!!
  • My counsin boy

    This photo is in Playa Quemada withmy counsin Juan.
  • My trip in the snow

    My tripin the snow with my whole family in Tenerife.
  • My small counsin

    Their was born.
    Their name are Ignacio and Andres
  • My firts Party

    My first party is in the Carmen with my counsin Julia