Christina's Family's Birthdays

  • Trey Hinton (Father)

    I have a different last name from my father because I was adopted at the age of 2 by my sister's father, but Trey has always had an important role in my life. The name isn't important, family is.
  • Kim Tunnell (Aunt)

    She is my mother's sister.
  • Jim Tunnell (Uncle)

    This is my mother's brother.
  • Harold Parker (Step-father)

    Married my mom in February of 2010 and gave me my brother Colton!
  • Ashley Hinton (Step-mom)

    Married my dad and gave me my brother Briggs and sister Summer.
  • Pat Parker (Mom)

    My mom has been the best mom I could have asked for. Of course, I love her very much.
  • Ryan Woodward (Boyfriend)

    We have been dating since January 2008.
  • Christina Dunnam (Me)

  • Morgan Woodward ("Sister-in-law")

    It was very lucky I met her brother because I now have a great friend!
  • Samantha Dunnam (Sister)

    We are very close. I refer to her as Baby Sister and she calls me Sister.
  • Colton Parker (Step-brother)

    I has certainly been an adjustment to having a boy around the house. I has always been just us girls, but he sure is fun to hang out with!
  • Summer Hinton (step-sister)

    Such a sweetheart and a great little sister
  • Lauren Wooward ("Sister-in-law")

    She has become my best little friend in the past 3 years! She certainly helps me to remain a kid and we always have fun together.
  • Briggs Hinton (Brother)

    I absolutely love this little guy! He is a big ball of energy and is so much fun!