Nell's Timeline

  • My Dad was born

    My father. Agee Broughton was born! I am so blessed to have such an amazing father and a great fatherly figure as him!
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    Nell's Timeline

  • My Mother is Born!!!

    On Maych 10, 1964 My sweet mother was born. She is the best mother anyone could ask for!
  • Parents got married

    My parents got married!
  • My sister was born!

    Gaillard Broughton was born! So blessed to have her in my life!
  • I was born!

    I was born!!
  • My brother was born!

    My brother Agee Broughton was born! He is awesome!
  • Parents divorced

    My parents divorce
  • My father got re-married

  • Israel

    I traveled to Israel! A great expierence!
  • Graduated Highschool from UMS- Wright

  • South Alabama!