Dana's Life! :)

  • When I was born!

    When I was born!
    I was born on 12:02 at night.
  • Nearby Dwarf Galaxy

    Nearby Dwarf Galaxy
    This happened in the year and day I was born!
  • Period: to

    My life!

  • First word!

    First word!
    My first word was mom! :)
  • First time moving!

    First time moving!
    I moved to Arizona.
  • Little brother :)

    Little brother :)
    My one and only brother.
  • Y2K

    Everyone was scared!
  • First plane ride!

    First plane ride!
    When I went to Arizona!
  • First bike :)

    First bike :)
    Who knew my dad would've let me loose! I was really scared but I did it.
  • US was attacked!

    US was attacked!
    It was a tragit moment for everyone. We still remember the ones we lost!
  • First day of school :)

    First day of school :)
    I was so excited to be with kids my age!
  • First sport! ...Soccer!

    First sport! ...Soccer!
  • Flood of 08'!

    Flood of 08'!
    A lot of people lost homes .:(
  • My bestfriend came into my life :)

    My bestfriend came into my life :)
    This was a very special day for me because Alaina is still my best friend till this day! :)
  • Sal Giunta!

    Sal Giunta!
    Medal of Honor!