My Family Timeline

  • Daddy's Birthday

    Daddy's Birthday
    My Daddy was born in the wrong century. He loves the outdoors, farming, hunting, and being with his family. He is the most hardworking person I know. He's put in a lot of hours to provide for our family. This means we didn't get to see him as much as any of us would have liked growing up. However, he made it up most summers when we went camping at Aruchusa. My favorite memory is canoeing with him on the lake. It felt like we could have stayed out there forever.
  • Momma's birthday

    Momma's birthday
    This is my Momma's birthday. There isn't a sweeter person in this world. She sacrificed more than I have room to mention in this little box to ensure the best life she could for her children. She moved 500 miles from her family because my Daddy found a better job. She stayed at home so that we didn't come home to an empty house. She drove hundreds of miles out of her way every summer to pick up our friends or drop us off for VBS. Mostly, she gave us unconditional love and support and hope.
  • Tony Emmett's Birth Day

    Tony Emmett's Birth Day
    The day my husband was born. He was nearly born in the back of a Volkswagon Beetle from what we understand. He was put into foster care and his parents got him when he was 8 days old. They didn't know it then, but they would become his parents nearly 2 years later.
  • Daddy Graduated High School

  • All because two people fell in love...

    All because two people fell in love...
    This is my parents' wedding day. They were married by a one-armed justice of the peace. They had known each other less than 4 months when they said "I do," but have been married for 29 years. Two people couldn't have been more opposite in personality, but love each other without any doubt. They taught me what a real marriage is all about: hard work, compromise, but most importantly laughter and love that trumps all.
  • My Birth Day!

    My Birth Day!
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    I was born in the afternoon, but I was already 8 days overdue. My Momma thought she was having twins because I moved so much. I nearly killed her because the doctors didn't know she couldn't have me naturally. She had to have an emergency c-setion when her blood pressure skyrocketed and they lost my heartbeat. They say Daddy struted like a peacock when I was finally here because he "the two most beautiful girls in the world."
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    Texas Part I

    Momma said I had an ocean view from my crib in the hospital. Maybe that's why I've always loved the ocean. We moved around a lot in the NE Houston outskirts (Baytown, Cove, etc.) because my Daddy was a pipe fitter. We didn't move every time he got a new job, but probably pretty close to it. We had to stay close enough for him to drive home every night because I wouldn't go to sleep or eat if I didn't see my Daddy every day. Yeah, I'm a Daddy's girl and always will be.
  • Cynthia's Birth Day!

    Cynthia's Birth Day!
    The doctor told my parents they were going to have a healthy 8 lb baby boy. Unknown to them, he was drunk. Instead, they had a 6 week premature baby girl who was just over 4 lbs at birth. She spen the first 3 1/2 weeks of her life in NICU under what looked like a glass cake topper. Thankfully, once her lungs finished developing, she was fine, and our parents never paid the hospital bill. She is know the proud mother of two girls herself.
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    Alabama Part I

    We lived in Needham, AL near my grandparents for a while. Then Daddy's work moved us to Mobile. I think I feel in love with Mobile at 3! I've always loved the Spanish moss hanging from the oaks that lined the downtown streets. I have a few memories of Mobile, and when I moved back when I was 18, I even got to live in one of the trailers we had lived in.
  • Chris' Birthday

    Chris' Birthday
    I remember the day I met my brother. He was a day old and looked so dark against the white blanket in which he was wrapped. Momma said he was so handsome all the nurses would come get him to show him off to everyone. He was 8 lbs. 7 1/2 oz. and 23 1/2 inches long at birth with a head and chest almost as big! It took the doctor and 4 nurses to pop him out during the C-section because our Momma is only 4'10" so he was literally stuck under her ribs! He has one daughter, Sarah.
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    Texas Part II

    Ah, the joys of childhood. Surrounded by cousins and aunts and uncles, Texas was awesome as a child. I had a few friends to whom I was not related, but very few. My Momma was the best too! She would let us literally tear the house apart while playing and I don't ever remember her getting angry at us. Of course, we had to help clean it all up before Daddy got home. Again, we moved around a good bit, but not quite as many times as during Texas Part I.
  • 1st Day of Kindergarten

  • Period: to

    Permanent Move to Toxey, AL

    The worst day of my young life (until my brother's death) was the day we moved from Texas. It was my Pawpaw's birthday so I remember the date. I also remember having to leave all my cousins/friends behind. I loved my grandparents and missed my Daddy who had moved a few months before us to find work, but I didn't want to leave everyone and everything I knew behind. However, now I'm thankful I grew up in Toxey, AL. Even though I moved "to the city" the second I got a chance! :)
  • 1st day of High School

  • Momma gets her GED!!

  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    The first time I ever graduated from any school. It seemed to work out that no matter what grade a school district graduated (K, 6, or 8) I was always either a grade too young or a grade to old. I use to joke that if my parents could have found a school that did not graduate their seniors, they would have put me in that school! I was Valedictorian of a class of 7 with a 3.8 unweighted GPA. The picture is of my brother and me at my graduation luau.
  • Alabama Southern Community College

    Alabama Southern Community CollegeI went to ASCC for my first year of college because I received a Valedictorian scholarship and could attend the branch closest to my home. I was Freshmen Rep for our SGA, a tutor, on the Dean's list and President's list, inducted Phi Theta Kappa, and voted Miss ASCC-Gilbertown. I was late for my Freshman English class on 9/11 and heard that a plane had crashed into the towers. They didn't know what had happened then, but by the time class was over, the world had changed.
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    Mobile, the Adult Years Part I

    Since I was 7 years old, I told my parents that I was moving to the city just as soon as I could. A few days after finishing my 1st year of college, I did just that. I had called my Aunt Mickey in Mobile and asked if I could stay with her until I found a job and house. The minute she said yes, I told my Momma I was leaving in 3 days. I didn't tell my Daddy until my car was packed with a few suitcases of clothes. I probably wouldn't have told him either if Momma hadn't made me!
  • The Meet

    The Meet
    It was about 3 a.m. and I was making my "round track" rounds as a overnight cashier at Wal-Mart. He had stopped in to see our mutual friend on his way home from work. Our friend called me over and said, "Lisi, Tony. Tony, Lisi." then walked away. We all went to lunch together that night, and Tony wouldn't leave until I chose 1 of the suckers he'd bought. It was black cherry. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • Our First Date

    Our First Date
    We were both broke, and swore we were only looking to be friends. So, I wrote a check for coke and popcorn. He brought his VHS collection, and we split the bill for a pizza. Since we both worked nights, he stayed until 3-ish. He was a gentleman. We watched Merlin, Braveheart and some other Mel Gibson movie. Thus ended my no-coke streak and began my extensive t.v. watching.
  • Our first trip together.

    Our first trip together.
    We had only been dating a few weeks, but it was Tony's birthday, so he, our friend Eddie (the one who introduced us) and I went to New Orleans for the day. They literally drug me down Bourbon St. I was not impressed by the smell of vomit and the sight of hookers hanging out balcony windows. However, we had a wonderful day and discovered we both love history and traveling.
  • The question...

    The question...
    I knew it was coming. I had been telling him for months what ring I wanted. Well, every time he hinted at it I did. He is terrible at keeping secrets so I already knew what was coming when I got to his house that day. He was so nervous he asked me while we stood in the doorway to his bedroom. It's okay though, because he had to "propose" to me about 5 more times before we actually said "I Do." Despite the ring not being what I wanted, I said, "Yes!"
  • Our Wedding Day

    Our Wedding Day
    I married my soul-mate and partner in everything today. We originally didn't want to have a wedding, just elope. When my grandmother heard her first grandchild was getting married however, having been a caterer for 30+ years, she gave us the wedding we could never have dreamed of having. My whole family worked for weeks to make it happen, and for that we are forever grateful!
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    Denver, CO

    After my husband had been laid off for a few months, I asked him how he felt about moving out of Alabama. He was willing, and when I suggested Denver, he said make it happen. And happen it did. Within 3 weeks we were packing up what we had not sold in a yard sale or stored with our parents into our Chevy Tracker and on our way! We loved Denver despite the nose bleeds. My husband didn't care for the snow, but being Southern born and raised, I loved it until I had to drive in the slush!
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    Mobile, Part IIish

    Although I left Mobile for 6 months in 2003 to move back to Toxey, this time my husband and I moved back from 6 months in Denver. We loved Denver, but had to move back to be near family. I don't regret the decision, but I do miss Denver. I guess Mobile will always be home; at least it will be for the foreseeable future.
  • Sarah's Birthday

    Sarah's Birthday
    My brother's only child (and my first niece) was born today. Her Momma, Jenny and Chris couldn't have been two prouder parents. I tried to be there for the birth, but Sarah just didn't want to come, and after I left for work, they finally had to go in and get her! She was beautiful, and all cheeks and legs! She was almost 7 lbs. and 21" long. She is a blur of energy when not enthralled by Elmo!
  • Doris Anne Emmett

    Doris Anne Emmett
    My Mom-in-law, Doris, was a marvelous woman. She loved her family more than anything, and raised my husband to be a wonderful man. She and my father-in-law were married for 35 years, and she had 5 children. She lost her battle with emphysema on this date. She was more than I could have prayed for in a mother-in-law. She is missed everyday by those blessed enough to love her.
  • Abrianna's Birth Day

    Abrianna's Birth Day
    My sister and her husband, Shawn's oldest daughter was born today. She had three big brothers to welcome her, but I didn't get to see her until she was a few months old. She was just over 8 lbs. and came 6 days early. She was supposed to be born on Columbus Day that year. She is more than content to sit and watch her cartoons and loves to help out her beloved "Bawbaw" around the farm.
  • Christopher Wayne Cummings

    Christopher Wayne Cummings
    The day it happened, he was hauling scape metal with his roommate to make money for his daughter's first Christmas. A tire blew on the trailer, and he lost control. Neither of the guys was wearing seatbelts and both were thrown out. Lance, his friend, was thrown clear. Chris wasn't. 2 guys who stopped tried to help push the truck off him, but couldn't lift it and pull him out. He died on the scene. Our world changed completely, and we miss him every day.
  • Shawna's Birthday

    Shawna's Birthday
    My sister's baby girl got to share more than her birthday. Despite being almost 9 lbs at birth, Shawna was 5 weeks premature. She spent a month in the hospital after having to have surgery on her intestines when she was less than a day old. Other than her scar though, you would never know anything was ever wrong with "Scooter, Jr," apply named after both her grandfather whom she favors in both looks and inability to sit still!
  • Abigail's Birth Day

    Abigail's Birth Day
    Abi is my sister-in-law Jenny's youngest daughter. She has the most beautiful smile, and you can't help but light up the second you see it! She is without doubt a Momma's girl, but once she warms up to you she is just a doll. She is Sarah's little sister.
  • College graduation

    College graduation
    University of South AlabamaI graduated with my B.S. in Biology, FINALLY! My husband and family supported me and kept me going through the LONG, hard years! I wouldn't have made it without them. I taught for a short while in the fall of 2010 for Drop Back In Academy, and hope to teach again soon.
  • First Teaching Position

    I was hired as a science teacher for Drop Back In Academy. I actually taught all subjects as a collaborative teacher. It was a rewarding job, and hate I was let go because of changes in certification processes.