Alicia`s life

  • I was born

    I was born
    Im born in Lanzarote(Canary Island), At quarter past four.
  • In San Juan

    In San Juan
    in the pilgrimage
  • my first holiday in Tunte

    my first holiday in Tunte
    I was in Tunte with my mother's family
  • my baptism

    my baptism
    In my baptism with my family
  • My first Christmas

    My first Christmas
    With my brother in Tunte
  • my first Kings

    my first Kings
    with my presents
  • My first birhtday

    My first birhtday
    With my brotherand my cousin
  • my second birthday

    with my brother and my cousin
  • celebrating Carnival

    whith my costume
  • In the school

    In the school
    In child
  • fringe

    in child
  • my first trip

    my first trip
    In barcelona
  • my first communion

    my first communion
    In San Ginés