Isabel Linero´s Life

  • When I was born

    When I was born
    I was born in Bogotá in "Clinica Nuestra Señora de Lourdes". My mom, dad, aunts, grandma, etc... were so happy and my dad was really nervous because it was suposed that the day that I would be born was may 13, 14 or 15 but I was born on 27th of April, 2000 and that was :) good.
  • Period: to

    isabel`s life

  • My "copito"

    My "copito"
    I love my copito :)
    Copito was my favorite toy becausemy dad gave it to me. When I was baby I played all the time with Copito. Now I don't play all time with toys but I remember when I played with it and I still have it. Its real name is "Copo de Nieve"
  • My first trip to Valledupar

    My first trip to Valledupar
    On my first trip to Valledupar I was so happy and I pleyed with my cousin Emmanuel and i traveled in an airplane. I rememeber that in my grandma's house we got in a plasticswiming pool because it was hot an we had a lot of fun.
  • My first Hallowen

    My first Hallowen
    In my first hallowen my costume was of "ovejita". It was in Bogota
    obviously. I remember a very little part of that day my fiends were using very bautiful costumes and crazy costumes so thay day was really special for me and my others friends because it was their first hallowen.
  • My first christmas

    My first christmas
    My first christmas was in Bogotá in the cristmas of 2000 I used a red, blue and white costume that my mom made for me. I recived a lot of gifts: dolls, movies, pajamas, didactic games, balls, aplastic swiming pool etc. I spent it with my mom and dad.
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    My baptism was in Bogota in the church "Nuestra señora de Lourdes". My godmother was my grandma and my godfather was my uncle Jesus. At the same time other children were baptized. After thatwe went home as a had a little party with some friends.
  • My first trip to the beach

    My first trip to the beach
    On my first trip to the beach was to in Barranquilla (I love that city) I was amazed with the ocean, at the beginning I was scared with the sand buy when the time passed I was not afraid and i ate fish. It was a especial day.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    In my first birthday I spent a really fun day. I participated in the activities with "Chupetín" the clown. My mom invited my cousin Lorena, my fiends and my neighbours and we spent a super time there with lot of activities and the party's theme was of "Hello Kitty". It was a really good day.
  • My first trip to Santa Martha

    My first trip to Santa Martha
    It was on vacation after school. We went to "Santamar" hotel wen went to visit the acuarium "Playa Blanca", "Taganga". In "The Tairona" park the horse riding was fery fun. We saw monkeys on the trees and a lot of beautiful birds.
  • My first school

    My first school
    When I was 3 years old I wnto to my first school "Los Angeles" It was in Bogotá. I remember that I was happy because we did a lot of activities and we played and sang a lot of songs and we had a lot of fun doing all these activities.
  • My trip to San Andres

    My trip to San Andres
    We traveled from Bogotá to san andrés. I was 3 years old and I was so happy. I remember that a really big wave pushed my dad and the wave had already pushed me. It was super I made sand castles with my mom and with my dad. I spent thay day so happy.
  • My first trip to La Jagua de Ibirico

    My first trip to La Jagua de Ibirico
    I went to La Jagua de Ibirico by car. It is the place were my mom was born. We went with some relatives to the river "San Antonio" we eat a big "sancocho de gallina" it was delicious. I played with my cousins and we went to the farm of a friend.
  • when i came to live in valledupar

    when i came to live in valledupar
    When I moved to Valledupar it was not a good day because I was used to the cold climate of Bogota and here in Valledupar the climate is hot and I got sick because of the hot weather. Agood thin is that now I got used to Valledupar and I love it.
  • My first trip to Barranquilla

    My first trip to Barranquilla
    It was a cold day in Bogota and we wake up early in the morning to go to the airport "El dorado" to gel the airplane to go to Barranquilla; it was a nice flight over the cluds. when we get to barranquilla the weather was opposite to the weather in Bogotá. It was really hot.
  • Knowing my brothers

    Knowing my brothers
    When I went to visit my brother an my two sisters for first time it was in Bogotán and we went to a restaurant outside of Bogotá to have lunch. it was a big restaurant and it was like a park because it had a big garden.
  • My first day at "Colegio Bilingüe".

    My first day at "Colegio Bilingüe".
    I was so happy and nervous because I wanted to make new friends but when I got into the class and I didn't make many fiends and in all the breaks I was alone and sad. A good thing is that the time passed and now I have a lot of friends.
  • My first trip to Cartagena

    My first trip to Cartagena
    I enjoyed my first trip to Cartagena a lot because we went to visit The Castle of San Felipe and we got in every place of the castle, I went to the "Tuneles", we also went to "La Ciudad Amurallada" and we went to acuarium at "Islas del Rosario".
  • My trip to Coveñas

    My trip to Coveñas
    In my trip to Coveñas i went with Blanca (my mom's cousin) and Banca's family in my dad's car. Wen went to a wedding of a cousin of my mom. We had not hotel reservation and we spent a lot of time looking for a roon at night until we got one. The next day we spent it in the beach.
  • My primary graduation

    My primary graduation
    In my primary graduatIon I was a little nervous but at the same time I was axcited mom and my dad were happy but I washappier, I remember blurry the presentation of the graduation, I think that I was the lion or the....... really I dont know but my friends and I were happy.
  • My first day in primary.

    My first day in primary.
    In my first day in primary I was a little nervous and very happy :)
    I rememeber that in the lunch a boy or two or fourI dont know bt those boys tld me at lunch that when I was in second grade was going to eat chicken.
  • My 8th birthday

    My 8th birthday
    My 8th birthday was my coolest birthday because it was a "miniteca" in "El Fortin" and I invited all the class. The best thing is that I recived a lot of gifts especialy "pajamas" and that was good because in that time I was crazy for "pajamas" I don´t know why.
  • When I got my dog "PIPE"

    When I got my dog "PIPE"
    I was so happy when I got pipe. I went with my dad and mom to the pet shop to by a rabbit but there were noy any rabbits. Then I saw a beautiful dog and my dad bought the dog, then I said that the name of the dog will be "Felipe" but we call Felipe: "PIPE".
  • The Farm

    First, the farm was property of my neighbour "El señor Ramón" and "Señora Martha" and my mom bought the farm so now I am neibour of them in the farm and in the neighbourhood an "Señor Ramón" and the "Señora Martha" are good people.
  • My 10th birthday

    My 10th birthday
    On my 10th birthday I didn't make party I went to see the "piloneras" them I went to buy a lot of things to the mall. I had an elegant dinner. At night I went to Valeria, Andrea an Diego's house and I slept there.
  • My first comunion

    My first comunion
    My first comunion was my most important day and I spent that day super because I stayed with my aunts, grandma, mom, dad, cousins, friends, etc. It was in the town were my mom is from: "La Jagua de Ibirico". I can't imagine a more fantastic day.