my life as chris

By aberela
  • A baby is born

    A baby is born
    On April1st 2000 i was born my parents and family loved me they treated me like a prince in a apartment a few months later my parents bought a haose 69 simmons loop and then my new life began.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • my first easter

    my first easter
    my first easter i realy dont rember much but do rember getting choclate and jelly bellys. I also remember meeting the easter bunny and going to my grandmas house
  • my first b day

    my first b day
    my first b day my family was so proud and happy and i got so many gifts and toys. I also got to eat cake and normal party stuf. And everyone got to meet me.
  • double herniea

    double herniea
    on may 16 i got a double hernia because i cryed so much.i really dont know what hapened. but i do remember getting surgery i should'eve kept my big mouth shut.
  • baptisim

    I was baptised at the age of 1 by paster lohmyer at st johns lutheran church.
  • my dog

    my dog
    my dog was born the same day i was born i think.andmy mom bought her a few months later from long islandand lets just say he got really upset.
  • my first christmas

    my first christmas was fun for me i got so many toys and gifts from santa and my family. And got to go to my grandmas house and get even more gifts and toys.
  • broken bones

    broken bones
    when i was 2 i was playin on 2 chairs and fell off and broke my coller bone all i needed was a cast and sling.Warning: Do not jump on chairs.
  • Off to school

    Off to school
    on september 15 i started my first years of pre school and meet new freinds! i was so excited and energetic and went tothe principal.
  • graduation

    on june 10 i gradguated from zion lutheran and went to kindergarten at st johns luthrean school .my parents where so proud andexcited.
  • Another baby?

    Another baby?
    on june 28 2004 my baby sister catherine was born and i was so happy and used to always want to take care of her. until she tturned 5 she used to touryure me.
  • 2nd graduation

    2nd graduation
    on june 19 2005 i graduated from kinder garten to first grade
  • a awesome vacation

    a awesome vacation
    i had a realy fun vacation to ocean city but we stoped in atlantic city to mabey get some money to spend it was fun running aroun a casino
  • 3rd grade

    3rd grade
    i had fun in 3rd grade though i had some fights .Ihad a really great time and meet some of my best freinds and was really popular too.
  • bad neighbors

    bad neighbors
    well it was prety much all the time i batteled the neighbors my parent
  • moving

    in 2010 i moved from my horrible neighborhood where i had 2 freinds and alot of enimes. i hated it there and hope i never see any one from there.
  • best freinds

    best freinds
    i have the best class ever