England's Century of Revolution

  • Civil war started

    King Charles I refused to give up his power, sparking a civil war between those who supported a strong king against those who supported a strong Parliament.
  • Period: to

    England's Century of Revolution

  • Charles II's Execution

    King Charle I's forces were defeated and he was put on trial, convicted of treason, and beheaded.
  • Monarchy restored

    Monarchy was restored when Charles II, son of Charles I, took the throne.
  • James II takes throne

    James II succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne.
  • James II opposed

    The English Parliament decided to take action against the king whose policies of divine right it opposed.
  • James II Flees

    When King William III and Queen Mary II landed in England, former King James fled quietly and lived the rest of his life in exile. Before they came to power, they agreed to abide by the English Bill of Rights.