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Pau Fernández Solà Timeline

By Pau69
  • Born

    In 1995, was born the best person in the world.
  • My grandmother died

    I didn't remember anythink becouse I was a child. This date my grandmother died...
  • My head is hurt!

    My head is hurt!
    When I was three I was throwing rocks with my friend, and he throwed me a rock and the hurted my head.
  • First Travel

    First Travel
    This was my frist travel. I travelled to Egipt!
  • First tooth loss

    First tooth loss
    This date I loss my first teeth.
  • First day of my sport

    First day of my sport
    That date that I started to play basketball in Club Bàsquet Vic.
  • First fishing championship!

    First fishing championship!
    Every year i went to a championship of fishing. On 2007 I win my frist with 35.6 kilos of fish. That was amazing.
  • Win the cup of St. Julià

    Win the cup of St. Julià
    Every summer my equip an I, participate in a championship in St. Julià. Three years ago was the first time that we won that cup.
  • First class of computers!

    First class of computers!
    That date I met for the first time my new teacher of computers. Oriol Marsó
  • Today

    I put this year, not for something special, only for look all the timeline of my life.