How I Came to Be

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  • Parents Married

    Parents Married
    I didn't have a picture of my Mom and Dad together, but my Dad took this picture, so I suppose it counts. She's very proud of her bag. My parents met at a sporting goods store, and I'm told it was love at first sight. You never know with those sort of things. But, in any case, they were married about six months later and they've been married for...about twenty-two years, if my math is correct. Or is it twenty-three?
  • I'm born!

    I'm born!
    My Blog!That day was recorded as the best day of their lives. Mine too, if I think about it.
    I'm the oldest, so of course I'm special.
    They say I'm their favorite oldest daughter.
  • Brother is Born: Zach

    Brother is Born: Zach
    I thought he looked funny. He didn't have much of a neck and all he did was sleep. We're only 21 months apart, so we're pretty close. Always have been.
  • Sister is Born: Casey

    Sister is Born: Casey
    She was a bundle of joy until she turned two and started to talk. Then she just annoyed me. These days we get along fairly well. Sometimes...
  • We move to Mississippi!

    We move to Mississippi!
    It was fun while it lasted, but I'm glad we finally left. It was too small in that town for me.
  • Move back to Fairhope!

    Move back to Fairhope!
    Baseball for my brother, and a shiny new curriculum for me to chomp down on! It was tough for a while. I was so used to having tiny classes of ten people. Going to a public school again was a shock to my system. I pulled through though, as you will see.
  • Graduate from High School!

    Graduate from High School!
    Best thing to ever happen to me. Ever. I'm not even joking. Being a high school student suffocated me. I'm going to have way more fun actually teaching. I didn't like being out of control of what I could learn or do. Now I get to do that to other students. Muahahaha! *cough* In a nice way, of course.
  • College!

    Yay! I started my first semester of college. It was super scary but at the same time, exciting. I am a part of the Honors Program, so I had a group of friends ready. That is a picture of the first rolling of the circle during Homecoming week. It was a massive waste of toilet paper, if you ask me, which they didn't.