1.1 Beginning

  • 6.3 Isolation

    Isolation is when a person is not being paired with somebody else or being around with people or family. Isolated people are little withdraw and don't show enough of presence. Like Brittney Culley's video about her grandmother being ashamed being mocked because of her weight. She claimed that it was one of most disgraceful memory from her high school
  • 6.4 Antonomous

    Antonomous, when a perosn is capable to cope with conflicts and learn how to live with it without any negative thoughts. Katie Jurney's story about her grandmother semeingly show some antonomous in her. At her retirement age, she doesn't like to get older, but she love to travel and keep being productive. She also keep up with her health and find things to enjoy with. Coping with her age, she like to find new things to keep her busy. It called antonomous
  • 2.2 Genetic Limits

    14 Feb 1990Genetic Limits is a theory insisted that all human have their own maximum life span. as of right now, our maximum span is between 110 to 120. To excess the span, inject a medication to help cells to divide more than 50 times. So it'd be best time to inject the medication in Mother's womb exactly 9 months before the birthdate. So it can infect cells to become capable to divide more than 50 times while developing a baby in mother's womb.
  • 4.4 Childhood attachment experience

    I think It's because i have secured parents who show me what is it be like to be loved, they also taught me how to show other people some respect and i will might have something in return from them. I grew up with very caring parents, and I learned all of my respect to other people from my parents.
  • 7.2 Transition

    When I transferred to Model Secondary School for the Deaf as a freshman from Middle Public School, I don't attend to church or participate any religious activity after when my life turned from home to dormitory. They doesn't promotes any religious activity which is fair for every students in school. That is my transition of perspective in spiritual
  • 4.1 Young Adult role transition

    This is the day when i graduated form Model Secondary School for the Deaf. Graduation is one of most common phase that begin the young adult role transition. I also think it's amziing when I walked in the stage and receive the degree on same stage where Gallaudet students receive their degree. I definitely got that transition in that day!
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    It is the exact day when I was up to court date due to my reckless driving with my friend on the highway. I was 19 years old and the judge was supposed to sentence me 20 days of jailtime for going 91 out of 55. But he reduced to a hour of jailtime due to my clean driving record. After a hour of cold thoughts, I knew I'm an adult from that day and go on. Non-normative event, I never knew it coming until I was finally under the arrest.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    Oxidative Damage is the process involve with free radicals, molecules, or atoms responses to nature environment, air pollution, sunlights, x-rays, or any other impact on daily living basis. My friend, who normally a cigarette smoker, would finish his cigarette and put the butt in my car ashtray. The odor was getting worse to a point where I have to ask him to smoke cigarettes outside of the car before we can start the trip. This is one of examples how to prevent oxidative damage.
  • 7.3 Main Life Event

    That's when I found out that I couldn't come back as student in spring semester due to my behavior at dormitory. It is not the best feeling, I had disappointed my family as well. However, I tried to cope with it by keep myself productive in each day sucha s filling out job applications and playing basketball as a hobby. I also make some contribution to my family and our home in exchange from my behavior at school. I finally found a job and kept myself busy until fall semester start.
  • 2.3 My Healthy Lifestyle

    I have no problem with the sunscreen, but I'd need to work on my daily habit as college student. I'd drink with my friends on weekends and limit some nutrients for myself during week day due to busy hours of academy. For a better choice for my health, I'd rather to live off campus and cook my own meals. I'll also need to reduce with consuming excessive amonut of alcohol along with other college students.
  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    Secure- I'd always to be sure that my girlfriend/wife and I are on same page and acknowledge where we stand at. Communication is a key of relationship, you both will feel secure with each other with communication and commitment. I am very loyality person when it come to relationship so I am certain that I'll feel secured
  • 7.1 fowler

    I don't participate any religious activities regularly but I came from christian family. I can tell that i have been strongly influenced by my family on spiritual part, but I don't normally follow with my religious duty. I am more of open to everyone include athiest, I believe that there is something out there and we will have to wait to find out. It is almost safe for me to say that I am on synthetic-convo. faith, take some wild assumption what is beyond the life.
  • 6.1 my RIASEC type

    I took the test and the outcomes show that I am persuading, creator, and helping. It definitely fit in me and my major in psychology. I love to work with people and help them in any certain daily lifestyle agenda. I worked at Group Home at Philadelphia for three months and it had taught me in many ways. So I believe that I'll be working with people as my career.
  • 3.2 attention

    I have ADHD, so my attention span will might decrease quickly than normal people. I'd assume it might happen to me when i'm around 40 years old. To prevent from distracting from something else too much, i'll have adderall or some other mediciation to keep my attention in work.
  • 4.2 Older Adult role transition

    My graduation is the day when I made my transition, because of that, I am positive that I'l have my Older Adult role transition when my children graduate from high school. It's when I will know that I have completed the next level of adult and move on life of a senior citizen without having my children aorund in the house (if only they go to college)
  • 3.1 working memory

    I'd choose IADL for this one, IADL stand for instrumental activities of daily living. it is more complex than ADL (activies of dialy living), I am pretty sure that my working memory will start to decrease by age 60, the memory capacity will worn out in age. I might will be frustrated with trying to remember which bills i should pay (accoridng to my experience today). I'd also need to remember which day i should pay, I would might need to set up schedule such as agenda book to remind me
  • 6.2 Super's Stages

    I believe that i will be in Maintenance Stage (45-65), I'd keep my commitment in my career and try to get some promotion if I could. But hold archieved job aside and re-construct my life by having a home makeover, build a car, paint some pictures, travel over the world, open a small business, or it can be anything I want to. I want to take an opportunity to do something different other than working 7am to 4pm everday.
  • 2.4 Potential Consequence of my lifestyle

    If I choose not to change my lifestyle habit from my college years, it is a high chsnce that I'll have a liver Damage from drinking. I'll also receive lung cancer if I consistanly smoke a cigarette. My immume system and body structure will reduce faster than normal due to lacks of fruits and vegetables.
  • 8.1 The end

    Datrell Lee Scott, is a old fellow that love to be around with people. He worked as a school counselor for 30 years before he had left the earth. He is always a man of words, he had high moral value for himself and have a respect for every single human in this world. He born in Virginia, breeded in Virgina, and rest in peace in dear ol' Virginia.
  • 8.1 The End

    Datrell Lee Scott, born in Norfolk, Virginia in November 14, 1990. He was married to Mary Ann Scott on July 4, 2020 and have three beloved children. He breathe for very last time on Nov 11, 2087 in Virginia Beach, Va. He graduated at Gallaudet University in psychology and recieve Master Degree in Business Psychology at Old Dominion University. He operated a humane service for deaf agency and contribute a fortune for deaf community. He was opimitisc with a big heart for everyone. Rest in Peace!