Inner Nature

  • Birthday Baby <3

    It's been nine month's now, can i come out yet? I was born into this world on July 28th, 1994. 17 inches long and weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. A great bundle of joy my mother always says. I was named Krista Lee Maroney. My parents picked my name out of a hat, because they couldn’t choose a name for this cute little baby sitting before them.
  • Big Sister

    I remember it like it was yester day. My mom was in great pain. Water everywhere in the house, people yelling and me confused. My dad told me I was going to be a big sister, and I smiled. We were at the hospital, and it was time for me to sit with my gram and wait. Time was taking forever. FINALLY my dad came out telling me I could come in. I sat on the bed next to my mom and held my baby sister for the first time.
  • Puppy Time

    Puppy Time
    Excited, with butterflies in my tummy. I was ten years old, sitting in the back of a little truck, trying to catch some air, if there was any. I get to the farm. Jumped out and waited for my surprise. Some old lady comes out and tells us to follow her. We follow her into the barn, and all you can hear is yelps and barking. There were little Jack Russell Terriers. I got one. A girl. Her name is Nina.
  • High School Life

    High School Life
    ‘High School at Life Speed’ is the motto of City Charter High School. This is true, I still feel like I’m a 9th grader. Nothing changed, I just moved up a grade and got older. High School life is doing well. In 9th grade, I started out not so good, but it’s so much better now. I went from being underground, to average, to above average. (In my book) I am currently an 11th grader. I have 4 trimesters of school left, then on to the real world. I’m kind of scared for the real world.
  • Period: to

    Story of My Life. (:

  • Boyfriend

    This is Vinny. He has been my boyfriend for about 8 months now. He has been there for me through thick and thin and he is just AMAZING. (: what else is there to say. He’s mine. <3
  • Sweet Sixteen (:

    Sweet Sixteen (:
    I was finally sixteen. I can get my permit, (have it) and learn how to drive. The day I turned sixteen, I spent it with my family and boyfriend in Eire at Waldameer, it’s a theme park/water park. Riding rides and slides, spending the day having fun. Ride home felt like 12 hours, I slept the whole way.
  • Surprise Happy Birthday!

    I woke up very early for some reason and leave camp. Got home and was told to put on a dress, wondering why a dress? All my friends started to came to my house in dresses. Spent about an hour getting ready. A Hummer h3 pulls up in front of my house; all get in and go to the overlook for pictures. Get back in the Hummer and leave. I get to my grams house and had a BIG ‘HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY’ surprise party.
  • Disney World Trip 2010 (:

    Disney World Trip 2010 (:
    From December 10th - 15th I was in Orlando Florida with my family. Plain ride there was calm and quite. It was very cold down there, only about 10 degrees warmer than in Pittsburgh at the time. We visited all the parks. The plane ride home was very scary. It was stormy out and the plain kept bouncing.
  • Snowball 2011 (:

    Snowball 2011 (:
    Day started off in school, always a joy. Got out at 12, left and had a big day planed ahead of me, nails hair, dress, pictures and party time. Got there food was serviced. After everyone was done it was time for dancing. Screaming at the top of our lungs is always great. Time came around to leave and my feet were killing me. I walked bare foot to Michele’s car. What a great night.
  • Graduation Team 2012

    Graduation Team 2012