My life by khalid.m

By g1c
  • I was born in Hamad hospital at 1am .My mom did hold me at the first time.

  • t was my first briday. on decmber I waked the first time and we have a big parte

  • It was my secnd birday. I travlt with my famliy to malaysia.

  • It was my threerd. I went to the narsve.

  • It was my fourth birday. I have a littel sister name fai. I was in p3B.

  • It was my fifth birday. I tvavlt with my family to tilndde. I was in p4B.

  • It was my sixth birday. I was in kgB. I travlt with my family to austvalia.

  • It was my seventh birday.I am nom in g1C