Stuff that happened from 1582-1631 (John Donne)

  • John Donne was admitted into Oxford

  • Period: to

    Anglo-Spanish war

  • John Donne was admitted into Cambridge

  • 10,675 plague deaths reported in London

  • John Donne married Anne Moore

  • Elizabeth I of England dies and is succeeded by her cousin King James VI of Scotland, uniting the crowns of Scotland and England.

  • Gunpowder Plot failed in England

  • "An Anatomy of the World" written for Sir Robert Drury

  • wrote two anti-Catholic polemics

  • "Of the Progress of the Soul" written for Sir Robert Druly

  • Ordained into the Church of England

  • Shakespeare died

  • Anne Moore died

  • James I died and Charles I became king

  • Delivered Death’s Duel sermon at the Palace of Whitehall before King Charles I

  • John Donne died