My Timeline

  • My birth.

    My birth.
    The last girl to be born out of 3 grandchildren.
  • My baptism.

    My baptism.
    The time I was dedicated to Christ.
  • New house.

    When I moved from Ayden to Winterville.
  • Started Kindergarten.

    My first day in public schools.
  • Grandpa's Death,

    My mom's dad died of Emphysema.
  • 9-11

    The World Trade Center was attacked.
  • Trip to the Bahamas.

    Trip to the Bahamas.
    My family and I went on a cruise to Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas.
  • First time skiing.

    My friends, my family, and I went to a ski resort in Virginia.
  • Switched elementary schools.

    Switched elementary schools.
    I had the choice of going to Creekside Elementary and W. H. Robinson Elementary and I chose to go to Creekside.
  • Started middle school.

    Started middle school.
    It was my first day attending A. G. Cox Middle School.
  • I turned 13.

    I am officially a teenager!
  • Great Aunt Margaret died.

    My mom's aunt passed away with Emphysema.
  • Brother went to college.

    Brother went to college.
    My parents and I moved my brother, Harrison to Charlotte.
  • Started high school.

    Started high school.
    My first day attending South Central High School.
  • First Younglife camp.

    First Younglife camp.
    Pitt County Younglife went to Weaverville, NC for a weekend long camp.
  • Got my permit.

    I finally get to drive legally with an adult!
  • Cousins wedding.

    My cousin and his fiance get married and my aunts house in Valle Crucis, NC.
  • Cousins went to Korea.

    Cousins went to Korea.
    My cousin and his wife decided to teach English in Seoul, South Korea for a year.
  • Great Aunt died.

    My mom's aunt passed away because she had a stroke.