Honors English 2

  • The Beggining

    The Beggining
    I was born too Tracy Taft and Shimura Hardy. One of my bestfriends Keshaya Gore share the same birthday.
  • First steps

    First steps
    I started to walk.
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    I got my first puppy. Which was later taken away because I refused too stop biting his ears.
  • Cameron

    My first sibling was born.
  • Headstart

    My first year in head start.
  • Started Elementary

    Started Elementary
    I moved up too Kindergaten
  • My 3rd sibling

    My 3rd sibling
    My baby brother DJ was born.
  • Amani

    My youngest sister Amani was born.
  • Achievements

    I made Honor roll all throughot Elementary with a host of other awards.
  • Joined Orchestra

    Joined Orchestra
    I started learning how to play the violin in 5th grade.
  • Moved

    We moved into our own apartment , I hate moving.
  • College

    My mama started nursing school and I took on babysitting my two brothers and sister.
  • Straight Hair

    Straight Hair
    I got my first relaxer for my air fro.
  • Ernie Mae Taft

    Ernie Mae Taft
    My Great Grandmother passed away.
  • Bestfriends

    I met my bestfriend Ciera .
  • Graduation..!!

    My mom graduated from Nursing school.
  • Leaving Ayden Middle

    Leaving Ayden Middle
    Ciera , Malik , and I who were considered the three musketteers by our teachers and peers graduated from 8th grade.
  • My youngest baby brother

    My youngest baby brother
    My pride and joy Jaden was born onMicheal Jackson's death date.
  • Kane

    I brought my Tri-Colored pitbull Kane.
  • Moved Again for the last time

    Moved Again for the last time
    We moved into our own house . That is really our house before we moved there.
  • Freshmen

    I was a freshman at AGHS,
  • Currently

    Currently I'm a sophmore at Ayden-Grifton and I'm doing a project for one of my favorite subjects. Ciera , Malik , and I remain being bestfriends along with others. I'm still in orchestra. I have eight younger brothers and sister, Four dogs, and I will be turning 16 next month. Oh , I almost for got that I love Lil wayne so much since 2002.