Jorge Martinez

  • Jorge was born.

    Jorge was born.
    I was born a pisces. I was a small baby 6 lbs 4 oz.
  • Period: to

    Jorge Martinez

  • Imma Big Brother

    Imma Big Brother
    On this day I officially was granted a little brother named Diego Martinez.
  • Head Start

    Head Start
    I started Headstart. It was sort of a preschool for Ayden students.
  • My First Video Game System

    My First Video Game System
    I love my dad for this, he gave me a Nintendo 64.
  • Kindergarten

    I went to Ayden Elementary. I was in Mrs. Porters class. I would see a lot of familiar faces in high school later.
  • Imma Big Brother (again)

    Imma Big Brother (again)
    Im still a big brother, this time I actually knew what was happenening.
  • I went to Mexico

    I went to Mexico
    I went to mexico to visit some family. At the time i was young but i can still remeber.
  • My First Girlfriend

    My First Girlfriend
    I cant say her name but she knows who she is. she still is a great part of my life
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    In this month, I moved to the "Family Town" (Grifton). This made me sad and excited at the same time.
  • Lets go Steelers Lets Go Lets go Steelers Lets Go

    Lets go Steelers Lets Go Lets go Steelers Lets Go
    Heck yea, Im a die-hard Steeler fan since the sixth grade.
  • My first Major injury

    My first Major injury
    When i was young and reckless i fell off the trampoline and have a major scar on my back.
  • Reach for the stars

    Reach for the stars
    This day I decided to be someone in the future.
  • 8th Grade Prom

    8th Grade Prom
    To me this was a taste of what I thought high school was like. that moment was bittersweet. I was sad and excited, This would be the end of my middle school career.
  • My First Deer

    My First Deer
    My uncle took me hunting for the first time. I shot the deer in his stomach it was a long day but it was worth it.
  • My first dog.

    My first dog.
    On this day, Titan (Black Labrador Retriever) came into my life. he is a loyal dog.
  • My fourwheeler

    My fourwheeler
    My Four wheeler is a big time consumer in my life. Tell me you wouldnt ride a 750 cc Kawasaki brute force
  • Football

    I will never forget my first day of high school football practice. It was an awesome experience so far this sport has been great to me.
  • I was robbed

    I was robbed
    On this day i found out that there is also bad people out there. we havent found the criminals, but everything was replaced through insurance.
  • My first Joy ride

    My first Joy ride
    I was driving this 2008 honda civic going 110 in a 50 mph. but i was caught and im never doing it again.
  • Wrestling

    Wrestling has taught me a lesson. it has taught to never quit anything.