All About Me (Monterio Wallace)

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    My Life (Monterio Wallace)

  • The Start Of My Life !

    The Start Of My Life !
    The Day i was born at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Nc,.
  • 1st Birthday!

    1st Birthday!
    Today was my first birthday at my house in Grifton, Nc.
  • Hurricane Floyd!

    Hurricane Floyd!
    Hurricane Floyd came through and flooded the whole town of Grifton and other towns across the area. I was a little bit over 3 years old and we lost everything.
  • Wreck!

    Early in the morning i got into my first wreck when my mom hit a dear and went in the ditch.
  • Dog!

    We went and got my first dog from a breeder in Grifton, Nc.
  • The Start of my education!

    The Start of my education!
    August 27th 2001 was my first day of Pre-School at the Ayden Head Start.
  • Baseball!

    This was a great day foor me because i started my first season of baseball playing for Pete Jones .(A Rec. Team)
  • Leaving Nc.

    Leaving Nc.
    Me and my Grandmom left North Carolina to stay with my uncle in New York for the summer,
  • Head Injury

    Head Injury
    Had my 1st head injury when i fell off the bead in my sleep and a nail stuck in the back of my head. :'(
  • Busch Gardens!

    Busch Gardens!
    Went to Busch Gardens with my family for the 4th of July. :)
  • Blood Drawn!

    Blood Drawn!
    This was the first time i got my blood drawn by my mom, (oouch)
  • Moved!

    This was a sad day for me becuse i had to move to Grifton and leave my friends at Ayden Middle. :(
  • Oil Change~!

    Oil Change~!
    my first time changing oil in my parents car with a little bit of help. :)
  • Pearcing!

    Went to Wal-Mart in Greenville, Nc to get my first pearcing in my ear.
  • End of School Year Dance !

    End of School Year Dance !
    The End of School Year Dance in 8th grade was one of the best times i had in 2009!
  • Middle School Graduation!

    Middle School Graduation!
    My last day in middle school at Grifton School. :(
  • Beach Time!

    Beach Time!
    There first time we took a trip to Myrtle Beach in Myrtle Beach, Sc. FUN!
  • Driving Time !

    Driving Time !
    Went to the DMV in Greenville, Nc and got my Limited Learners Permit .
  • R.I.P Grandaddy!

    R.I.P Grandaddy!
    Grandaddy Died at the Hospice Center in Greenville, Nc. I watched him take his last breath. :'(
  • Christmas!

    This is a Christmas i will always remember because i didnt receive i gave for the first time. (so i didnt get anything)